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Sunday, January 23, 2005

random day at work

I have insomnia and it is still way too early to go to bed and I am extremely bored - so blogging it is!

I was actually telling this story to a friend today, so I figured I would blog about it because if i had to pick one day at work to blog about, it would be this one...

Not this past week, but the week before we had one of our artists come in (I am going to be very vague with names and situations). First I guess I should paint a scenario of the office, again, without using names. It's a small and open office - my desk is the first one you see when you walk in, with the main manager's assistant on one side of me, and the intern's area on the other side of me - so I am in the middle. Two of the other manager's offices are on the other side of me, it's weird to explain, but just know that I am in the middle.

One of our artists came in along with the guitarist in the band, but didn't say much. I think I had IMed Maryellen and told her that this kid is going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older (I just assumed that he was still a teenager). Later that day he was left alone in our empty "artists" room, so I went back there and said that we had magazines and such and if he wanted to grab one, he could. So he follows me out then sits down in the chair in front of my desk. We then start talking about random stuff. It's pretty easy for me to make small talk with him since I knew nothing about him and I have years of interviewing experience behind me. But he ended up being really cool to talk to. The intern and the executive assistant kept walking past me and laughing, but I didn't think anything of it. The guitarist had another meeting in our office, but then afterwards came back and sat with me and we talked some more. He leaves and asked me directions to where he is staying (fortunately I knew) and what I was doing that night. Still, I am not thinking anything of it because I am naive as all hell.

The next day the girls and I are talking then they mention the guitarist and in all the months he has been coming in, he doesn't talk to anyone and how we sat there for an hour and a half talking. I said no way, but they said 90 minutes because they sat on AIM talking about it and spying on me. They then informed me that he was 21 and not in fact, 17. So here I am red faced and embarrassed. They made fun of me and reiterated our conversation and said that he was smitten. I disagreed! Then they told me to watch out and not cause a scandal in the office - they were only kidding, but I wouldn't!! They said that the artist may kick my ass - even though this industry is so incestual! So here this is on my mind, and the musicians walk in. Low and behold the guitarist zeroes in on me, and pretty much ignores everyone else, as the girls pointed out. So we talk some more, with me trying to stifle my laughter as the girls keep walking by and IMing me with scandalous thoughts.

Nothing happened, it was pure entertainment and fun. I am getting to know our artists - I swear. At least that is my defense. The girls said that he would e-mail me, but he hasn't, so HA I win.