"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, January 22, 2005

bring on the snow!

I love the snow - it's fantastic and it should snow allllll night long! Woohoo!! We are covered with the white goodness and it's awesome. A good excuse to stay in and be semi productive. Let's see...today I slept in late (went to Maryellen's last night and watch girlie movies while downing our Amstel Lights - 2 each to be exact, we are so hardcore haha), woke up without my alarm, took a run to the post office, ran back, showered, sat in my pajamas all day afternoon while talking to Meaghan and watching MTV. I then proceeded to clean my room, talked online, then met up with Maryellen at 10th & Willow for dinner and drinks.

We stayed at 10th & Willow for about two hours discussing current male relations, mutual people we know, and stalker tendencies. Someday we will solve the world's problems, but until then it is focused on us. Also, we will never realize that we shouldn't put as much effort as we do into things. Her and I are so much alike when it comes to certain things that it's hilarious and it makes me feel better that I am slightly normal when it comes to society. Or maybe we are both deranged. Who knows.

But now my Saturday night is devoted to my beloved laptop, cable, and my flannel pants and sweatshirt. Hot, huh?