"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, January 10, 2005

sunday...as told from the office

If you ever want to hear a bunch of European people and gay man and European gay men, go to the 13A IKEA. It was hot and intimidating all at the same time. Now I love IKEA, and I know millions of others do too, but I didn't think we would all go to the same store on the same day. IT WAS INSANE!! But I got some much needed furnishings and everything on my list except for a set of tins, which I had seen online and on a display, but no where in the store. Oh well.

Got home and unpacked more. It seems like I have been doing nothing but unpacking this whole week, but when you have to unpack in 45 minute increments, it takes forever!

I also found out this weekend that I can't have my car here until later on in 2005. Too make a long story short, it will take $$$$. Titles, registration, paying it off, and just a huge hassle. I was pretty bummed out until Jackman enlightened me on the Chinatown bus...$20 roundtrip from NYC to DC and also NYC to Boston. There is also a NYC to Philly and Baltimore bus that runs, but I don't know how much that is. Regardless, it is still cheaper than gas and tolls woohoo! Granted it kinda sucks that I can't visit my friends now as often as I would like, but at least we always reconvene at shows anyways, so it works out in a way.

A half more hour of work then I am heading over to Maryellen's to help her take down her christmas tree and watch The Bachelorette (I swear I never really watched TV before this week, I never had time, now it's an insatiable addiction!). Maryellen is also cooking pasta for dinner. She would make an excellent girlfriend. :-P

Final stretch!