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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

JJ and I just wrote a hit tv show

This is the funniest conversation I have been involved in all day...
To start it off...JJ had an away message up saying that he was writing the theme to Pamela Anderson's new TV show and inquired about words that rhymed with "boob". The first thing that came to mind, was lube...so I responded...

JJAppleton**: you're a genius!!!!!!
mirgoes2eleven: :-D
mirgoes2eleven: i should become a songwriter ;-)
JJAppleton**: it's not an exact rhyme..but one could also say "smoove"
JJAppleton**: u should, it's a really easy job and you make a lot of money and get laid all the time
JJAppleton**: note the sarcasm
mirgoes2eleven: HA
mirgoes2eleven: you souldn't complain you get to write about soft core porn
JJAppleton**: it's true...although of course they said "we want something like "Cheers" or "Friends".how imaginitive!!
mirgoes2eleven: HAHA
mirgoes2eleven: whats he new show about?
mirgoes2eleven: *her
JJAppleton**: two fucking dorks who are "booksmart" are best friends with Pamela who is "streetsmart" and a whole lot of hijinks ensues. Gee, how do they come up with this stuff???
mirgoes2eleven: didn't they learn their lesson after V.I.P.?
mirgoes2eleven: thats ingenius
JJAppleton**: oh yeah, the whole thing takes place in a bookstore that the fucking dorks own. I could have shit that idea out of my ass
JJAppleton**: watch, I'll probably get it and make a ton of money
mirgoes2eleven: HAHAHA, wow the show keeps getting better and better? what network is it airing on?
JJAppleton**: Fox...what else?
mirgoes2eleven: UPN
mirgoes2eleven: :-D
mirgoes2eleven: quality TV there
mirgoes2eleven: or spike tv
mirgoes2eleven: haha
JJAppleton**: the show doesn't have a title, the characters have no names yet, but it takes place in a city in California. we weren't allowed to read a script. that was helpful...UPN is so great!
mirgoes2eleven: around beaches no doubt
JJAppleton**: well, PA's gotta come struttin' into the quiet bookstore in a bikini doesn't she? oh then the hilarity will begin I'm sure
JJAppleton**: I'm sure one of the dorks will have the annoying overacted habit of pushing back his glasses from slipping down his nose while he has an annoying laugh.am I being negative?
mirgoes2eleven: then they will have to take their wacky hijinx to the beach and solve their problems while running and glistening
mirgoes2eleven: oh and don't forget that he wont be hot
mirgoes2eleven: and he'll be pasty
JJAppleton**: and learning life's lessons.
JJAppleton**: we should write for TV!!!!
JJAppleton**: we're awesome
mirgoes2eleven: seriously! look at us go!
mirgoes2eleven: nielson would be all over it
JJAppleton**: and then Juliana hatfield does a guest appearance as a lesbian!mirgoes2eleven: a naked lesbianJJAppleton**: right...naked...you always come up with the good ideas!!
mirgoes2eleven: and would put pam to shame
mirgoes2eleven: then kid rock will come in on a 4x4 and serenade us all with the feel good anthm of the show
JJAppleton**: all about how he's proud to be an american!
JJAppleton**: ok...this has to stop...i need to get a soy chai latte
mirgoes2eleven: THEN tommy lee will bust in on the happy scene...also naked...and beating the rejoicers with his, uh...
JJAppleton**: cock!
mirgoes2eleven: will it be a vanilla soy chai latte? thats the only way to gomirgoes2eleven: HA!JJAppleton**: I think I might try that...
JJAppleton**: the vanilla, not the cock
mirgoes2eleven: good call