"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, January 30, 2005

friday night in hoboken

Friday was a daunting day. Things were going pretty smoothly at work, then at 5 pm it went into overdrive and we ended up staying till about 9 wrapping up show dates. I ran out of the office and booked it to Port Authority...then couldn't find my damn bus pass. Grrr. Went straight to Maryellens to drop off my crap and head right to Mulligans. Maryellen's friend Rob was DJing brit-pop, synth, and old school hip hop at the nearby bar. It was pretty much a sausage fest and we spent a god part of the evening running away from scary boys and averting the constant stares. It was creepy. We're not snobs...we just...um, yeah - NO. Funny, I pointed out two guys who were hot...one I think was gay, and the other Maryellen saw (I just saw the back of him) and she was like, "it's the hair, isn't it?" It was. We left and hung out at her place for a bit watching TV and drinking and talking until a friend stopped over. And now I am not allowed to write anymore. Bye.