"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday hated me

I woke up this morning with the worst headache. I didn't drink too much last night, so it wasn't hangover induced. The best cure for a headache is to go exploring! I took the PATH into the city, got off at 9th street and wandered around for about five hours. I walked to WTC, all around Soho, and Tribeca. I only got lost once, so I called Maryellen to find out where the hell I was. I got coffee (starbucks), jeans (urban outfitters), and shirts (H&M). I was on a quest for chopsticks, but couldn't find them anywhere. My debit card wouldn't work in one store, which prompted me to check my account when I got home. The ATM receipt I gto last night must have had a typo on it because instead of having $200ish in my account, I have $24. Granted I have cash on me to last till mid-February's paycheck, it still sucks. I wouldn't have gone shopping if I knew what I actually had to my name. Hopefully I can make it with out tapping the Bank of Mom. I am doing pretty decently being totally financially independent, but I haven't been out here long enough to actually have my paychecks mean anything yet. I lost a week since one was held, then the other went right to bills, and this next one goes right to rent. February 15th I can breath again.

Exhausted, I came home ready to dedicate the rest of my night to laundry. I did one load fine. The second load I put in, followed by detergent, then put in $2 worth of quarters. After I put in the last quarter, the thingy read $2 again. WTF?! So I put in $1.75 more in quarters then it reverts to $2 again. So I kick the washer. Nothing happened. So I unplugged it and tried again. Out another $2. So I kicked it again and gave up. It wouldn't be a big deal, but my clothes had detergent all on them now. Grrrr. So tomorrow night Maryellen is letting me steal her washer. More than likely while the wash is going we'll drink wine and make cookies. We're so hot.