"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Damnwells at Maxwells

I started off Saturday with a run in the park by the Hudson. It was freaking cold! I guess I lost track of time, but I was out running for over an hour, then had to rush before going out. Chris M. was coming up and meeting Maryellen and I for the Damnwells show. (We love the Damnwells)

We went to Tunes for some music...I feel like such a traitor...if I am forced to stray from patronizing Rainbow, at least I will go to an independent music store! After shopping we hit up The Mile Square for dinner since we were famished and had time to kill before the show. Maryellen and I experimented with the martinis while Chris tried the chocolate beer.

Afterwards, we headed over to Maxwell's and drank there before the show. Yay for Yuengling. The first band was a countryish band who had way too many members than needed. The lead singer also didn't plug in his guitar when he actually did play guitar. I liked the second band a lot - Surefire - they were indie poppish rock, kinda like OK Go and Rooney. They seemed young, but had a good sound. I don't think they had a CD. We took silly pictures during the break.

Then the Damnwells! We're dorks and were right up front. The sound was great as was their setlist. I dug the new stuff. "Death After Life" is amazing. Yay for music. Sleepsinging (my favorite song on their full length) was the last song, which is a great way to end the set.