"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I just got done giving Brittany directions to my place. She and Jen will be coming to visit this coming weekend and I am so psyched. Brit is driving, Jen is taking the train, and we'll all convene in the afternoon for 24 fun filled hours in Hoboken and NYC. Have I mentioned that I am excited?!? Granted we all talk all the time, but the last time I saw Jen was New Years and Brittany I think was Halloween.

The weekend after that Chris M. will be coming up, followed by Morgan for another weekend galavanting in Hoboken and NYC.

I just had to share my excitement for seeing old friends. Yay for technology and making relationships more managable. For example, I look forward to hearing from Chris B. every day, Maryellen and I update each other constantly, Morgan and I plan long distance roadtrips months in advance, Jen gets promoted and the news is sent to me in a click, and Tanya tells me stories of her wretched students when my late nights intersect her early mornings.

For the most part I don't feel out of the loop at all. I get to see mostly everyone when I go home (sorry Tim - it was a last minute trip - NEXT TIME!) and everyone else can be found right here on my computer screen. Like now, I am blogging to YOU, e-mailing my mom, and IMing with Jen and Jeff. But of course there are those people who I was once really close to that I don't hear from at all and though I am a stones throw from the turnpike or an e-mail and phone call away, it remains that way.