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Sunday, February 27, 2005

heart this bitch 25k

Home came to me last weekend. Brit and Jen braved the turnpike and Amtrak to visit me for 23 fun filled hours.

I can't tell you how excited I was to get their phone calls saying that they were almost here - I was absolutely giddy to see the girls again. I didn't tell them ahead of time that I live on the 5th floor and I have a lot of stairs and no elevator. I made us lunch (my cooking consists of pasta) while we caught up on our random stories. Brit shared with us that Jamie is now her boyfriend, and since it's still new, I kept saying stuff as if she didn't have a boyfriend. It dawned on me that Brit now has a factor. Jamie is a FACTOR! It was silly at the time.

Aw - Candy Land. Nevermind, Candy Land will becomes it's own blog since it's amazing.

We ate some pretty damn good pasta (not really, but the girls were impressed with my kitchen skills) while watching and making fun of MTV "documentaries". My room then exploded into a girly fest as we tossed clothes, makeup, and jewelry all over the floor as we decided what to wear on the nyc streets that night. Maryellen came over around 5 and we departed to the city.

I made faces at Jen and Brit while on the train and I think the people next to me were scared. We emerge in NYC and start hoofing it on Bleecker in search of bars. Our first stop was Peculiar Pub where we enjoyed our local brew - Yuengling. Yay for Yuengling. "Let's Get It On" was playing on the jukebox and it was weird.

Afterwards we headed for dinner on Houston at Nice Guy Eddie's - who two for one drinks for happy hour. Score! I haven't really drank drank since I've kinda been scared to since my little spiking incident at the Logan House (well, aside from NYE - shit, I STILL haven't blogged about that. Damn me.) so by the end of my third Yuengling, I'm feeling pretty damn good.

Still I blame my craziness that night on my excitement for the crowd I was going to see at the Bowery and being joined by great friends already. We get to the Bowery just before I exploded with anticipation. I think I actually almost started running when I saw the venue.

We get in and I flew down the stairs and Derek was the first familiar face I saw. We gave each other a huge hug and we both said how excited we were to see each other. Before he let go he said that he keeps forgetting that I am here now and not there. I responded by telling him that this, this whole being at the venue with them and with Jim and with the girls was HOME - nowhere else. And it's true. Right behind Derek was Jim and of course there were hellos and hugs. We also took a picture of the Dream Team :-) Jim, Derek, Diana of Wind-Up, and myself. I'll post it soon.

We go upstairs and make nice with the Bowery staff. The door guardsman guy showed us pictures of him at The Gates. Mike Tate stopped and chatted before getting to work with the lights. It was crazy - the room filled up and it was so amazing to be surrounded by so many friends and familiar faces. I thought I was going to burst. I had to fight back tears of happiness. Crazy, my old neighbor came out to the show. The usuals were up in the front with us, and Diana stood even closer. She kept confusing me as Derek's girlfriend, it was kinda funny. She loves them and that's obviously awesome. JJ came a few songs in and I'm glad he finally got to see the boys live. I think they impressed him ;-). The show freaking rocked and it sounded awesome. They busted out a few new songs and of course played the hits. Poor Jamie was trapped behind 3 keyboards, but he still rocked the horn hardcore during Home to Home. After the show we all socialized with the Omnisoul guys, Ritchie, Chris C, and Nick. JJ pimped out his CD to unsuspecting girls and I introduced him to the band and people he should know. Secrets were shared on the Bowery floor and I gave Jamie a gift that is now affixed on their equipment.

So our drunk asses are walking towards the PATH and my phone rings. Mr. John Faye! So of course I shout this as if NYC wants to know who is calling me. I assumed he knew about the show then I wondered if I missed him at the venue so I pick up. I can hear John, but also a lot of background noise, and it sounds like he's at a venue. I'm trying to talk to him, but I am not getting an answer. This goes on for about two mintes, so I hang up and call him back. He answers with "Miss Miranda!" as if he was surprised to hear from me. I told him I was returning his call, to which he says he didn't call me. I reiterate what I heard to him and he blames the quarters in his pocket. So we use the random opportunity and chat for a few minutes. After hanging up I laugh, saying that I was drunk dialed by John. But John doesn't drink so it didn't hold true, but that is always the excuse for random late night phone calls. Jen informs me that just because I am drunk, doesn't mean I was drunk dialed. It doesn't work that way.

We stumble back to Hoboken and try to get into a few bars on the way to my apartment, but all were jam packed and smokey - so we just went back to my place and made hot chocolate and popcorn. We squeezed onto the couch and perused the channels till we found a winner - GAS! Nickelodeon's Games and Sports channel. Score! We watched about an hour of Guts and Global Guts. Yay for the Aggrocrag!

To top off the night, I went into my room and realized that I had left a candle burning for about 8 hours. Awesome. Well, instead of the apartment burning down - I just had melted wax EVERYWHERE. Just another reason on why I shouldn't be allowed to play with fire.
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