"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, March 17, 2005

maryellen's birthday!

I'm glad that Maryellen reminded me that Tuesday was the 15th, not Wednesday, or else I totally would have absentmindedly missed the festivities. Tuesday was going pretty damn fabulous till I left work.

As soon as I stepped out the doors, my headphones stopped working then my tea totally exploded in my bag, soaking everything. I then waited in line at Verizon for twenty minutes just to buy a damn cell phone charger since somehow I left mine somewhere in VT.

Since my bag was completely drenched, I made a sticky mess on the subway seats. Finally made it to the Canal Room and met up with Maryellen, Alex, Steve, and Katie. It was good meeting Alex and of course seeing Steve and Katie again for Maryellen's 26th birthday.

There was a weird mix of people in the crowd. Girls shouldn't drink wine in bars. Michael Ghegan walked past me with his um, boy, and Maryellen pushed me to talk to him. Her exact words were, "go say hi, you guys are like best friends". Ha! Teitur's manager kept standing in front of me and I wanted to poke the circles on the back of his sweatshirt. I didn't.

Teitur played a few new songs and played songs to make Maryellen and I happy. "One and Only" is going to be her wedding song, but that is ok, because she will use it first, then I will use it. Follow that up with "Rough Around the Edges" and I'm a happy girl.

We left and walked arm in arm in the city streets trying to avoid walls, poles, and sketchy vagrants. She enjoyed her birthday a bit too much, but all was ok. She kept apologizing, but she wasn't that bad at all. I blame a stomach virus since she didn't drink that much and it had just hit her suddenly. We've all gone through it! :-)

Came home and checked my messages and discovered one discussing the weekend's plans from Phil and another from Chris M from a show in Philly. He had held the phone up to my favorite Ingram Hill song and it came out "awesomely". Thanks Chris!! Talked to Chris B. for a bit before bed then I had weird dreams until 8am.