"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, August 29, 2005

my take on monday hodgepodge

If Jen can do it, well so can I!

- Note to self: purchase mace
- 2nd note to self: purchase Spanish/English dictionary, because I can dabble in Italian and though I do know the catcall “hollllaaa chiccccaaaaa!”, I am sure the catcalls will become a lot more colorful
- Both Jen and I think that owning a deep fryer would be beneficial to our lives
- “Jay Pass” does exist in Vermont and there will be a road trip there during the winter months where it will be both life altering and threatening (note to everyone else in the world not associated with STN: Jay’s screen name and email and everything else is “Jay Pass” due to his name being “Jay Passarella” and Jen’s find is fabulous)
- Why the fuck did my PATH card not work this morning causing me to be 10 minutes late to work this morning?
- Why the fuck did my subway stop and chill for 10 minutes before a stop causing me to be 20 minutes late for work this morning?
- Why the fuck did I get off at some random stop while coming home to wait 15 minutes for the next train to Journal Square to come?
- I discovered everywhere you cannot park your car in Jersey City
- I miss Newark at the end of August
- Tanya rocks when it comes to straightening things up and putting things away in the apartment
- I don’t think twice when it comes to anything STN related - STN GAmeday, bring it on!
- I still have no idea what to do with my upcoming 3.5 day weekend
- “Heartbreaker” by Ryan Adams is one of my top five albums of all time
- There needs to be a word in the dictionary that defines “beyond frustration”
- Akiva has badass merch coming out, and that’s no bull
- I listened to a fabulous CD today that isn’t out yet and the creator of said CD is super great and we are going to book next years VMAs – ha!
- I think “That 70’s Show” may be my favorite non-reality television show
- Don’t assume someone is a man if they have a feminine name, though someone else who you thought knew this person said that she is a he
- Shaun gave Tanya “rockstar scented” candles…we can’t really imagine that being a selling point of the candle – in our experience, “rockstar scent” is beer, sweat, and cigarette smoke, which does not seem appealing in candle form