"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a nice mid day conversation

On Augustana.......

[12:26] jaypass0313: dude, i love this band
[12:26] jaypass0313: are you sure they arent a mirandaband???
[12:26] jaypass0313: they should be
[12:26] jaypass0313: you know that, right? they damn well should be
[12:31] mirgoes2eleven: i will def check them out
[12:31] mirgoes2eleven: what do they sound like?
[12:32] jaypass0313: piano driven rock
[12:32] jaypass0313: or whatever
[12:32] jaypass0313: very...miranda-ish

[12:35] jaypass0313: so do you like them?
[12:35] jaypass0313: because you better, we're seeing them in concert
[12:35] jaypass0313: they're playing at the mercury lounge on oct. 11...dont you go there alot?
[12:40] jaypass0313: seriously, i'm in love
[12:41] jaypass0313: 'boston' is my new...life.
[12:42] mirgoes2eleven: uh oh - STN may get jealous!! see this is why i dont bother with boys, music is always there for me
[12:42] jaypass0313: i need lyrics for my away message/profile, ASAP
[12:42] jaypass0313: hahahaha
[12:43] jaypass0313: yeah, music should count as a significant other
[12:43] jaypass0313: as should stn
[12:58] jaypass0313: so can i brag about discovering a mirandaband now???? :-D
[12:58] jaypass0313: is it bad that thats like, an accomplishment to me
[12:58] jaypass0313: like, i feel like my day is complete
[12:58] jaypass0313: like, i actually was able to do something with my life