"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

wonderful friday night at logan house

I left work a little early and met with Tanya and Dan at Subway for dinner before hitting the turnpike. He would buy the dinner, I would buy the booze – we have a wonderful system.

I grabbed the backseat so I could organize my life as we drove. And by organizing I mean making crucial phone calls. We listened to great music on the way down, including, but not limited to: Ryan Adams, James Blunt, Quick Step John, Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Timberlake. Needless to say, we sang very loudly.

Once we hit the bridge, I filled my half drunk cup of Coke with raspberry vodka. Tanya said she had noticed that the vodka bottle had gone down considerably since she saw it this afternoon and didn’t think I had a morning drinking problem. She added the berry goodness to her redbull and the last 15 miles were ridden in style with JT’s “Senorita” playing.

Rarely have I gone to the Logan House without having some sort of ordeal with the door guy. Argh. Tim and Andre were behind us and we said our hellos once inside. Wow, I can’t believe I have known Tim for nearly seven years now – craziness! And he always reminds me of home, good stuff. We run upstairs and immediately get slammed in the face with homeness again – Tyler, Jamie, Josh, and Tracey!! Oh fun! It was good to catch up with the Omnisoul guys more so than what AIM and email allow. Jay, Epler, Maryann, and Marissa were already at LoHo as well. Hands needed to be full, so the bartender opened my credit card for abuse.

Nate, Judy, Angela, Fetus, Chuck, Eric, Kristen, and Shaun came in right before the band took the stage. LDE finally discovered the green room upstairs. As the band played, I bounced around trying to catch up with everyone. I love all of my home friends and unfortunately life gets in the way of keeping up to date with everyone. We celebrated Nate’s birthday, though he didn’t want to wear the hat Angela and Judy got for him. I wore it and claimed myself to be a unicorn. I wasn’t drunk, just being silly.

Maryann caught me up on all the drama and we all had a shouting match with Jay on why guys are dumb. He went off on a tirade and it was classic. True and classic. Nate and I had many talks on the porch, which reminded me a lot of our random Newark bar nights. I love being so carefree at home, though hearing about all the home and high school stuff made me relieved to be away and not trapped. Fetus revealed to us that he is the non- Jewish Seth Cohen. Someone should record the LoHo conversations we all have, they’re classic.

I found the NYC girls during In The Water and we danced and sung and were silly. LDE played London as the last song of their first set. The crowd went insane and I loved it. That song is going to be a hit, I call it. And I have a damn good track record for calling hits ;-). Some guy wore fuzzy slippers while dancing and another wore something to the effect of pajama pants.

Speaking of clothing - Donnie won my “best dressed” award. He had on great pants, a nice shirt, and was newly shorn. Certain members of the band like to make faces at me (cough:::cough:::Doug:::cough::::Rusty::::cough) while playing, so I reciprocate. I swear we must look like complete dorks. Angela and I noticed that Chris did not take all of the opportunities that were given to him, though Phil certainly has done a great job of taking his opportunities. Oh! And no Two Step! Phil definitely listens!

Afterwards, Chris averted my attention from the creepy guy who continued to follow me. I thought he was someone else earlier in the night and after I said hello, I was done for. We hid behind the merch table and enjoyed a short conversation. I was also graced with a back massage which may have been the greatest thing at the moment due to all of my stress. He said that I should come back to DC with them, how little he knows how much I would love to just vanish sometimes. My friends wanted to go, and Phil wanted to converse. So I got the brief breakdown od all recent events and upcoming fun. We plotted October, then I was dragged out.

Jay gave me a piggyback ride to the car as we collected our things. I brought my laundry down with me from NYC so I could do it in a real washer and dryer instead of the ghetto one near my apartment. Jay claimed he could carry it on his own and ended up spilling my underwear all over the parking lot. Awesome. Epler drove Marissa and me to Marissa’s and Jay back to his house. Marissa and I haven’t had a chance to hang out recently, let a lone a sleepover, so this was definitely a highlight of the night. She also promised to make an awesome breakfast, so I was sold. As we stayed up till past 3 am talking, we were interrupted by a Wawa themed phone call. Props to Chris from remembering the exit and the toll avoidance on the way to MY wawa. I chatted with Amy before submitting to slumber on the couch underneath purple blankets.

Saturday to be blogged soon…