"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

25th Birthday

Hello from the rock I have been under.

Last Sunday, the inhabitants of 192A hosted our first apartment party. The occassion being a welcoming to our apartment as well as Tanya and my 25th birthday celebrations. Usually we attract quite a crowd, but the Sunday evening (we all had off on Monday) and monsoon kept people away except for a handful of loved ones.

We got enough food and booze to keep a small army nourished, which was plenty to go around for our crowd of less than twenty. We also purchased two birthday princess hats that went around to Tanya and me.

I learned that apparently I can walk down the streets of Jersey City with a beer in my hand and no one looks twice. I gave up my yuengling for a tailor made Dan Drink - half peach vodka, half cranberry juice. (this will hit me later).

We all played Magic Stick. Tanya and Shaun brough Magic Stick into our lives. One takes a stick, holds it vertical in front of him, and spins around while others in a circle around him count to sixty. He then throws down the Magic Stick and jumps over it. Now this seems juvenile and no fun, but trust us, when you are inebriated, it is quite a joy for the participants. Dan toppled down. Chris L. used the whole damn circle to stumble around. I fell into Carolina and Chris. Carolina ran into the restroom after she spun around. Jesse did have the most gleeful expression out of all of us combined. Good stuff, I highly recommend magic stick at your next function.

For the rest of the evening we ate, chatted, listened to good tunes, and enjoyed the merriment. For a good portion of the evening, I was collapsed on the bathroom floor. Amy went to save me and fell victim to the boozey concoctions as well.

I think around 3 am we all crashed. Apparently I like to stick my ass on other people who share the bed with me and steal the blankets. Sorry, Amy - ha!