"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

As a tv/radio person, I live by the clock. Time is very important.
I try to use every available second for all it is worth. I think I have perfected pushing time. In my fourth year as a college student I think I have devised every which way to extend sleeping time. Take this morning for example....
Class is at 9:30am
I have to leave by 9:15 am.
I HAVE to check my email when I wake up, minus 5 minutes....now down to 9:10
I don't wear what I wore to bed, but something equatable...today, a t-shirt and adidas pants (a university uniform if class is held before noon), minuse 3 minutes...now down to 9:07
didn't shower the night before, will save that for AFTER class ;-) 2 minutes.....9:05
No time to brush teeth, mouth wash and a stick of gum will suffice until 11 am.
See, it's almost an art.