"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

I love our little music store :-)
We're moving...once again, no more books, just music and down the street. Ahhh...yet another week of moving, but only good things can come of this.
And it was awesome to hang out with everyone outside of Rainbow. And hearing crazy stories. And letting Raf know how silly we actually are. And bashing customers. Oh wait, we don't do that...
We call the music register place the pirate ship. I wonder if in the new place if we can wear eye patches, pirate hats, and carry a bottle of rum. Wait, we drink in the store anyways. Hahaha...last year around Christmas there was this "random" bottle of scotch in the back, and we all would drink from it but not all admit to it (we would always go in groups of 2 or 3, never alone, we're not that lushish!) and so we all found out tonight that we all contributed to the drinking of the scotch on the job. and sneaking galsses of wine....then owen would say "dammit, just drink it, no one cares!" oh man, crazy times crazy times.
But Rob broke the nutpen. The nutpen has been a part of Rainbow for over a year. A bic pen with a metal nut around it. Rob got fed up and broke it. It was a sad sad sad day for the nutpen.
And see....i thought it was common knowledge that i thought a certain guy with a wife and kids that always comes into the store was really hot. The Raf asked me if i was "fucking nuts". Yes, "fucking nuts" was the correct term he used.
And Terry Potts.........Terry is an older man that hits on all the girls, and older, i mean like 80. And he creeps all the girls out. Well, we decided next time we're just going to tell Terry how incredibly hot he is and if he will unbutton his shirt for us. Slowly. Seductively.
And tomrorow will be another fun night in Rainbow.