"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, February 06, 2003

almost an hour later....
i am listening to the new Nada Surf album now. They're playing with Sondre Lerche. Not on the albu, on tour. I want to see that show. Speaking of shows. Ah, the Saint in Asbury. What a cute little club. Small, intimate venue that is very receptive of orginal bands. Gotta love that. And the staff was so extremely nice. Saw Green to Think and Graham Colton, two amazingly wonderful bands. I have been a fan of GC for quite a while now and finally got to see a full live performance. yay. Maybe I will own my own venue. After I win the lottery. Haha, I just remembered when Miss Jen, Aurora, and Jim and I went to Ben Folds. We like to play the game "in my venue..." Of course it would be named Mirandaland ;-) Complete with a Ferris Wheel. Hahaha I just remembered.....on the way to Asbury, in the beginning on the trip on 273 I was aggravated by traffic and I casually told Aurora and Tessa that when I have my own country all major highways will be ten lanes. Aurora said that that was the first time she ever heard that phrase uttered. Again, it would be named Mirandaland ;-). I was about to compile a list of things we say that probably are never uttered, but then again, I have to stop myself because this site has become way too big and too many people are looking over my shoulder haha. I know I have lost my dignity numerous times lately, but there needs to be a gatekeeper. Two more hours and I am doing fiiiinnnnneeeee.