"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, November 29, 2002

Couldn't sleep and woke up around 10 am, after going to bed around 6 am. Since I have had the past few Saturdays off, the weekend has become my big shopping day. It's about 20 minutes to the grocery store I usually frequent....really cheap organic, specialty, and foreign food so I make the trek...so I figured what better way to spend my Saturday than flower and food shopping. I am sorry, Pathmark just doesn't have quite a selection in soy, falafel, and thai foods. I also love my grocery store because of the hot older men that also shop there in the early morning. But wait, they are mostly gay and shopping with their partners. Oh well, it's double the looking pleasure at least. And I found red sunflowers to brighten up my room.
After a few fun filled hours back home to enjoy a few more hours of sleep before heading to Baltimore for another Jonasay show. My mom was going to go with me, but had gone to PA instead. Melissa, Rick, and Epler and I braved 95. I don't appreciate the negativety towards my vehicular skills less than five minutes after they get in the car....
So we get to where the venue is but need to find parking. After we passed the adult movie theatre (XXX Adult Film Hits $2) with a hearse (1972 era) in front of it and the Gun & Pawn shop (trade in your bling for a bang...) (hehehe I just came out with that witty remark ;-) ) we found a space. At least we were wearing our neutral gang colors.
I was kinda hesitant to go in, for I was quite uncertain of my previous nights endeavors....but all was well :-) Fiesta Red.
And driving home...no one was on the road, I was going 80, not fast for 95 north. Pass a state cop, I brake. He pulls out, follows me, then lights flare. I'm scared shitless. Charise and I talk about what we would say if we ever got pulled over, but yeah, all of that wen't completely out the window when the cop came over. I got away with a warning. yay. I think it was because I have a clean driving record (shut up, thats not too surprising!) and I was wearing my glasses (i dont have any restrictions), he didn;t smell alcohol, and we all had our seatbelts on. Yay for the little things.
Drive home, go to bed.