"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, November 15, 2002

More misadventures of Rainbow....let me just make you all aware of a simple rule...if you are creepy, don't try to pick up unsuspecting girls.
I can't tell you how many times the Rainbow girls get attacked by the creepies that stroll into the store. We need to have an alert system. I think I wrote about this one guy before, the one that keeps asking a different one of us out...well I was putting away cds in the overstcok boxes when I overheard that oh so familiar voice. Jamie was the victim this time... So in order to not be seen by him, I had to escape. Apparently I am his favorite. So I had to freaking crawl from the side of the store to th eback of the store where he couldn't wander just so I wouldn't be confronted. Oh and George.... we all figured that maybe he wouldn't find us since we moved, but he did. And he paid us a visit yesterday when we opened. We need to prepare ourselves for George, we cannot fend for ourselves when we are barely awake. The best plan of action for getting rid of george is just plain ignoring. I know i know, it sounds mean, but c'mon every freaking day he stays in and bothers us for like an hour. Oh and sexy Terry....at least you can carry on a decent conversation with Terry even though he smells and his eyebrows stick out. He trapped Jamie and I in the rap section and proceded to tell us how nuce we looked, hey at least he is complimentary, and how if he wasn't over 60 he;d take us out. DAMN! haha. Raf (our manager) told us that next time we oughta start un buttoning our shirts and start touching him and stuff. Or maybe each other. haha. I think he would have a heart attack right in the store!
Ok, it's past 2 which means I should be at the radio station soon....