"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, December 12, 2003

the bar is a beautiful place

Yestrday was one of the more stressful days at the record store. We're going through some changes, some abrupt changes, and though change is sometimes good, sometimes you're unprepared for it. More on that later, just wallow in my vagueness. Let me just say that I think all sanity in Rainbow was lost around 4, right around the time that the singing and dancing in the aisles ensued.
And so well, after, what do I do best, I went to the bar. Good times and strange conversations. Well, Tanya and I had normal conversations and I tried to frighten Lex even more than I did on Saturday night. But odd conversations were had on the other side of the table. There is no other side of the table. But I am sure you can read more about that and other antics at the Marlon Spike Message Board, where you can cause a ruckus. And as I just checked the link, Chris already started the thread. Oh my.