"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, December 14, 2003

had a guitar carved it up with your name

I started my Friday as always, at the record store. Charise and I opened and in usual fashion analyzed why we are who we are and why we get so giddy at the most mundane things, but oh so very exciting. I love her haha: "and so then hesaid 'charise, would you like to go upstairs and listen to jazz music?'"!!!!!!!! The story of our lives. No idea why we're so silly, but its fun.
Had a good show on WVUD, lots of callers, which was very cool.
Afterwards, Karen and I trekked to one of my favorite venues, the Recher Theatre in Towson, to see Jonasay and Cowboy Mouth. It was bittersweet for me since I got hooked up with this band when they played the Cork with Cowboy Mouth last summer. And its been such a crazy year and a half that introduced me so much more than just the Jonsay music. Without Jonasay, there would not have been as many miles on the odometer, not as many animals hit, not as many states crossed, not as many secrets and inside jokes, and not as many rocking times. From Maine to South Carolina, it was all golden. So here we are again.
Karen and I did our customary stop at the Maryland House and made the usual phone calls on the way to Towson. We were to meet Mark and Michael at the Rec Room for some drinks and food, but we ran late and the Recher changed the sound check time. I don't know who reads this - besides the people who tell me they read this, especially on a daily basis ;-) - but I have been told about what comes up during certain vanity searches, so I censor myself alot on here, not out of fear of people knowing what I really think, but because I don't want to write entirely about others in a light that either could be embarrassing, too revealing, or downright mean. Well screw it --
There are a certain group of people that we have consistently ran into at area shows. Now, I have always been nice to this group of people for several reasons, first I met them on a professional basis, most I met while I was working with the band, second, their friends with the band, thirdly, I have no reason not to be - they're good people. Apparently they find it necessary to look down on me and not even acknowledge me. Perhaps its because I am so much younger than that certain group, but that shouldn't matter. Also, I am not some crazy psycho fan - did I see any one of them on our treks from any of the Carolina to Maine shows where we went to work the merch and be supportive? No. I met the band by working with them, and fell for their music and friendship, don't be condescending because there are honest people who are passionate about the music in the industry. So yeah, at the Recher, this whole group was pretty damn snotty. Karen and I spent some of the night that we were waiting talking about that. And hey you know what, don't look down on me when you're nearly twice my age and wearing crap that makes you think you are younger. Mini skirts and boots? Please.
Ok, now that that rant is over..... Karen and I head over next door and ran into Mark and met his friend Joe, who was also at the Logan House show. We play catch up since we haven't really talked-talked in a while and the last time he called me, I hung up on him (though I still don't blame myself or my phone). I now have yet another roommate when I move to NYC, let's just make a commune!
Prior to them hitting the stage, Joe joined us along the wall to participate in the cell phone game, where we call people that we haven't talked to in a while. I do this because waiting for a show is pretty much the only free time I have haha. So yeah, Phil, Rusty, and yes, Matt Fisher got their phone calls. Matt got an actual job working in TV. Yeaaah U of DE Comm degree! He's working for a public access channel in Montgomery County (Maryland) and produced his first show the other night. Congratulations!
The guys hit the stage and played for a little less than an hour. Started with my favorite Jonasong, Stay. Also on the setlist was Wish (I stayed), Fire in the Hole, Hero (new song by Michael), Call My Name, Gone Away, We Talk, Ultraman, and Queen's Fat Bottom Girls (sung by Michael). Joe got some good shots with the digital. All in all, the show was solid and Michael's vocals stayed strong depsite losing his voice recently. Though the crowd was a bit sparse for being a Friday night, the stage presence was energetic. Not playing as many shows recently really showed on stage as being more refreshed and less fatigued from living in a van careening down the highway from show to show. Hero sounded awesome and it will be interesting to see how Michael's songwriting/performing comes out. Karen and I danced like the crazies that we are and yelled loudly to embarrass them, though I don't think it worked.
Afterwards we hung out with Mike, Joe, and Mark and talked some more and compared recent shows and CDs we've checked out. Cowboy Mouth was playing during our chatting and they are always an enjoyable band to see. Great live show and their fans are intense. I was able to catch some of the songs off of their new album (Uh Oh came out in October) and they sounded awesome. I just love the fact that the frontman is the drummer.
We load out and Joe, Mark, Karen, and I talk in the freezing cold next to the Silver Beast where after we conversed about porn and sex and cars, we decided that the Timonium Diner was the place to be. So off we go, where Karen said the quote of the night--
Karen: I think I am too tipsy to be drunking.
Me: You mean driving?
Karen: Yeah that too.
We get to the diner and talk some more and analyze certain situations we have placed ourselves in and enjoy many greasy and fattening foods.
As usual, there is no Jonasay show that goes as planned, but the path is always enjoyable.