"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, March 18, 2005

bathroom anxiety

I have never used a communal bathroom at work before now. We recently changed offices, so we no longer have our private bathrooms. My social anxiety has reached a new high.

When you are out with friends, it is perfectly acceptable to talk anywhere in the bathroom, sometimes we even share a stall so we can continue talking if it is a private bathroom. But at work, where I don’t know you – do not talk to me! So weird, every time I use the restroom here I have to strategically plan my trip so that I don’t coordinate it with anyone else on the floor. Seriously, every time I go and someone else is in there, they try to hold a conversation with me, such as “how do you like your new office?”, “which artists do you work with?” And so on and so forth. Sometimes I try to wait in the stall so I don’t have to meet up with that person at the sink. Last time the woman waited for me and I had to emerge. She probably went back to her office and told them that the weird new girl has a problem in the bathroom.