"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, March 24, 2005

ride home from the city

After battling with the PATH ticket machine, I missed the train that was awaiting me, and had to wait for the next. The only good thing about waiting an additional ten minutes was the promise that I would get a seat.

I grabbed an end seat so I would only have to sit next to one person and so I could prop myself on the bar, thus exerting as little strength as possible. A girl sat next to me who reeked of some type of perfume, I have no idea what, I don’t think I could actually distinguish any scent. She then busted out her iPod, so I peered over my book to see what she was going to spin. I am way too nosy – I spy on everyone’s digital collections and what they select for the 15 minute PATH ride. What four songs would be so worthy to be listened to pretty much undistracted? Smelly chick totally took forever to pick out her first song. What was it going to be, what was it going to be??!? At that time, I was listening to The Honorary Title.

“Dodging armpit stench aromatic
Wrapped up in my own self-induced stress panic
I think I am the only one in this shifting through
They'll collaborate in months against me.” ~ the honorary title

She finally stopped – on Hillary Duff. Oh good god, this girl was older than me. Hillary lasted about a minute – song switch. Please God let her redeem herself. Jessica Simpson. Simpson lasted for about 5 minutes, during which I scootched away from her pressing myself against the bar as if this girl had cooties and the slightest brush of her against me may plague me forever. Read my book read my book read my book and ignore her. She switched songs…please let it be something good, oh come on – I will even settle for something generic like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, something that mostly everyone has, but just play it so you rock just a little and we can all pretend it was a joke before and your brain would be saved from rotting. Kylie Minogue!!!! This has got to be the most boring person I have ever sat next to. I look across from me and this woman looks just like Susan Sarandon and I desperately wanted to sit next to her instead. I am now onto Red House Painters and wanted to hurl myself off the subway. This girl so should have just saved $400 and bought a radio instead.

“she comes apart at the seams
cause she never dreams
as she lays up awake
cause her feelings ache” ~ red house painters

We’re turning the corner and the girl chooses another song – Beyonce. That’s it, I can’t take it. I turn to the menu and spin around randomly till it lands on…The Jane Anchor. I needed anything to cleanse my eyes – kinda like when you eat something bad and you rush for the Listerine and swish it around for 30 seconds because brushing for 2 minutes isn’t immediate enough to get rid of all the yuckiness.

I don’t know why I care so much. Maybe it’s because the girl had a chance to be original and she lost it. She’ll never have that moment back, and in the meantime – I will listen to my friends through my earphones as I trudge fifteen blocks to my apartment.

“i'm caught in the rays and spinning around
in this frequency i can't slow down
you may be the only one that can see me as i am” ~ the jane anchor