"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, February 06, 2003

damn, its been yet another 60 minutes. I cant tell you what happened between there and here.
My eyes are burning though and I have been leaning on my left arm for way to long so now that side of my body is numb and I am kinda contorted on this chair. Which I have managed to save myself from falling off it several times now. I am atop of a metal and carpet floor here in the radio station and going from the computer to the cd players I push off the counter and wheel my chair across the room. Unfortunately I have to cross the threshold of the metal plate and carpet. Nearly tumbling to the ground everytime. But I haven't. I did lose my shoes about 35 minutes ago though. They are somewhere in the hallway.
SO I made coffee. No, I heated up coffee. In our microwave that is from 1987. I hope I don't start glowing green from the nuclear waves. But my mug would not fit into the small confinement of the energy box. So I found a cubelike container that fit. I had sugar. But nothing to stir it with. Ah. My pen. And I think it slightly melted.
Speaking of fun with heat. So I learned that cardboad does not belong in the oven. The hard way. Well the other day, Melissa, Karen, and I ordered pizza. We later decided we wanted to heat it back up so I took control over the kitchen. I just took the Papa John's box and placed it in the oven at 350 degrees. Yeah, about 15 minutes later we smelled somehting burning. I thought it was perfectly fine to take the box out of the oven, wile Karen and Melissa started yelling at me. It makes sense.....its like a little incubator. Who knew you couldn't place paper in almost fire. So last night I made one of those frozen pizzas that have the cardboard on the bottom. But see, its ok because I didnt realize that there was cardboard on the bottom, so I totally was not at fault. So yeah about 20 minutes into it, i smell something burning, but just ignore it. Shortly after the smoke detector goes off. What the hell. The kitchen is smoke, of course. Look in the oven, take the unburnt pizza out...then find my culprit. come on, its been a while since i have had a kitchen misadventure, it was about time for a new one.