"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


This guy smells.

"People are a pain in my ass" - Rainbow Chris

That sums it up. Ok, for the past three years, this guy has come in every single freaking day. Sometimes twice a day. And I have never seen him in a different outfit ever. Ever ever ever ever and its gross. And its not like the man doesn't have money, he has spent enough here to buy a car - a nice car.

He remembers CDs, all classical, by their number and asks us to recall them and order them. Which is fine, but when they aren't in the system, he freaks out. And he thinks I am incompetent if its not in the system. As if I can't type in 10 numbers. What an insult when he leaves me and asks someone else the same damn question he asked me.

Like I said before, he comes in every day. And the same question "did you get a shipment in today". Now - if he can mentally recall all of these numbers for years, you would think by now he will know when we get our shipments. And we also think that by now he should know that he is the only one that readily buys classical in our store, so unless he orders it, we don't have it in. There is no need to waste pur patience on his obsessiveness. Ew, he also orders multiple copies of stuff. Like a CD he bought 3 months ago, he wants a second copy of. I highly doubt he is buying it for anyone, and its not like it wore out in 3 months. He's crazy.

I wouldn't be so disgusted by him if he wasn't so damn rude. Sorry for my Rainbow rant, but geez. Chris and I want to follow him home one day just to see where he lives. We all have our philosophies on him. The most prevelant one being that he was crazy and kicked out of his country and has a steady fund coming from whoever kicked him out. We can't imagine him working anywhere.

I often wonder if he goes into the other stores and asks for product by serial numbers.