"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, December 25, 2003

tis the season to be jolly!

Merry Christmas all!

Last night I went to midnight mass at the church across the street with Becca and it was enjoyable. The church was decorated beautifully and it was just a good experience.
And today I slept in then went home for some holiday fun. It was odd going home, I don't think I have been to my mom's house in about a year. Trees were gone, roads were paved, and walls were painted. Strange! It was weird seeing all of the pictures of me throughout the years, granted they have always been there, but I noticed them again for the first time. Made me really happy about everything I have gotten to experience in the past few years. So funny, my mom has this wall of fame kinda thing with various pictures of stuff I have done with music in college and it reaffirmed my notions that NYC is the best decision I have made recently.
These past few months have been the only time I have really been on my own fending for myself. Granted I lived in an apartment in college, but hell, that was college and my apartment then was 80 times nicer. Everyone had a hoot on my recent endeavors here in 54. I find it funny, whereas everyone else is worried about me. Its normal to me to turn on my oven and leave the door of it open for heat when my radiators don't kick in. Or having Squeeze Cheez and crackers for dinner when all I have is moldy stuff in the fridge. Speaking of which, I still haven't thrown out those containers. I'm afraid to look at them. Or how I haven't cleaned my silverware in over a month and now the left part of my sink is full of utensils that I am just taking to Melissa's dishwasher instead of attempting to clean them. They especially didn't enjoy how I fixed my broken window with some gaff tape and paper bag. They shouldn't worry, my other window is propped open with a stick whenever the heat goes into overdrive. Sigh. :-) But hey, home is where you make it and for me, this is perfect. And speaking of perfect, no other way to end Christmas than with a jaunt to the bar with Karen. See ya.