"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

there must be something in the water

I swear, I am amazed at the blatant lack of intelligence that is depicted in public. Chris thinks its because we spend most of our days working retail - but its really sad to see how many people just don't get it. Just a few things I have encountered in the past few days:

1) This woman saw a commercial on tv saying that an AFI cd was available in all stores now. So I tell her we carry it, its just sold out at the time and we'll be getting more in. She then says "no, but the tv said it was available now in all stores, so I want to pick it up". Again, I tell her we are sold out. "BUT THE TV SAYS ITS AVAILABLE IN ALL STORES!" The conversation lasted for a few more minutes as I tried to explain to the woman what the commercial meant and that product does sell, and occassionally, does sell out. Think woman THINK!

2) Sure, why not, let your kid roll around in our aisles while there are holiday shoppers and things to be done in the store. Oh yeah, she should scream loudly too because its fun.

3) When did we learn our alphabet? Maybe you should walk your ass over to the big letter dividers and find your CD your own damn self instead of making me do it. What's even better is when someone waits while you ring up people and take phone calls and what not for fifteen minutes instead of taking the thirty seconds to walk over and get their music.

4) We close at 9. Don't wander around after 9 after I turn off the music, tell you multiple times that we are closing, and turn off most of the lights and not buy anything.

5) Don't ask me to pick out music for your kid. Because if you're not nice to me, I will pick out something that will make you look like a chump and make you realize that you should spend more time with your kids and his interests. See, I am looking out for you.

6) Don't call me up wanting to know if we have a cd that you don't know the name of or who the artist is. Because I am supposed to know that song...thats sung by that guy... I'm sure you have access to the internet, use it.

7) Don't look at me weird because I am eating dinner at the counter. I probably have been in the store working for six hours already and more than likely its my first meal of the day, so if I do it standing and dealing with your crap at the same time, so be it.

8) Don't be a pain in my ass. Some people like to come in every freaking day. And be annoying every freaking day.

9) Its the flu and cold season - don't be an ass and cough all over EVERYTHING without covering your mouth.

10) If you don't like my music of choice that is playing in the store at the moment, either ignore it or get out.