"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, December 27, 2003

drive me into the city where the crazies come out at night

And I’ll be one of them..I’ll be one of them this time. (rb)

I am at work right now detoxing with mint tea and falafel. Went to NYC last night. I swear my body hates me.

After some radio time - ugh stupid callers, more on that later - I went up 95 to Summit NJ to catch the train into the city with Melissa, Rick, and Gabe for an evening of bar hopping. We started drinking at a bar near the train station in NJ and apparently DE licenses are a novelty and took them about 15 minutes to figure out if it was fake or not. Annoying.

Hopped the train and took a cab to our hotel, the Marriott on the East Side, to pregame. Nothing ever changes. We're in the 40's and want to go to the Village, so instead of cabbing it, we decided to walk and hit bars on the way there. Melissa and I wanted to go to these Irish pubs we kept passing, but Rick and Gabe did not, forcing Melissa to yell out "alcohol is alcohol BITCHES" in front of everyone. Classic. Went to one place to consume the usual premium malt beverages, jager & red bull, and jack & coke before busting a move to "whoomp there it is" and the milkshake song. Went to some more bars, including Rodeo and The Hairy Monk, where we stole a glass.

Between the bars we caused a ruckus in the streets, all captured on film and posted soon. Apparently I thought I was superman and found it necessary for my drunk ass to jump over every box laying out in the sidewalk. I also think I hung off of some construction railings. I am quite limber when inebriated. We ended up at Burrito Loco, yes again, for foodage and more drinkage. I think Melissa and I danced in the aisles again, but it was way more crowded than last time, so we were a bit hindered. Ew, what is wrong with us - I just now remembered that Rick and I were toasting and taking "shots" of jalapeno peppers. I have a high spicy tolerance and I think I abused it last night at the Mexican restaurant and now I wonder why I don't have any skin on the rough of my mouth.

Melissa wasn't feeling well at this point - she actually shouldn't be drinking at all - so I went back to the hotel with her while Gabe and Rick still wandered around the town. We run through the hallways of the 19th floor and discover that the utility closet was left open. Bad idea! I took a broom and handfuls of other stuff while Melissa raided the blankets and toilet paper. We didn't bring anything overnight related, so we stripped down and claimed the bed. 10 am came way too early.

Stupid assinine freaking holiday traffic. I swear to god, people need to live by my rules of the road. Some 80 year old woman putt-putting in the fast lane caused a 45 minute snarl. And it took me another hour just to get over the DE Memorial Bridge. Not good for my road rage. I had to be at work at 5 and I rolled up at 5:10 and here I am now writing online because no one is in the store right now.