"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, January 03, 2004

why are my knuckles bleeding

A few thoughts on this evening:

Hmmm...so its against the law to walk down main street with a coors light? who would have guessed. I knew the cop and he laughed at me for being a dumbass. Technically I was only outside of the store. Shit, that makes it sound even worse.

And hi DUI. Not me though. But seriously now - the cops were rounding people up in the lot for the sobriety check. YOU DON'T GET INTO YOUR CAR THAT IS PARKED RIGHT NEXT TO THE COPS AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN DRINKING. Poor girl, at least Aaron's parents picked them up.

Michelle and I threw a couch off of our roof, we rule. It didn't bust as much as we anticipated.

Oh damn, Mike is outside of my window yelling at the people at Dunkin Donuts and the boys just rounded him up. We seriously went to Dunkin Donuts at least 6 times since 11 pm tonight, they love us.

Speaking of Mike, I tied his shoes around the table and the table went FLYING. Part of the table is held together with duct tape, so it wasn't the first time it fell over tonight. And margerita mix with vodka looks and tastes like Hi-C ecto cooler.
Holy crap Mike is screaming outside of my window again. Hey, you all would be proud of me, I only drank not much tonight. Soco and fruit punch I am such the chemist.

We partied over at the apartment across the alleyway from me, and we ended up throwing shit onto each others porches half the night, its gonna suck cleaning up. In the midst of dancing on the rooftop I brushed my head against one of the many wires crossing over us. Guess one does not get electrocuted that way.

I seriously wonder how I get through my days...