"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lancaster or bust!

captn morgster: im disappointed our im convo didnt make it to the blog
galileo358: haha which part of the convo - you have to be specific :-)
captn morgster: galileo358 (9:36:10 PM): 4/16....pmb...lancaster...
captn morgster (9:36:15 PM): I AM SO THERE
galileo358 (9:36:26 PM): eeek - wanna pick me up on the way?!
captn morgster (9:36:31 PM): i'll see you friday night
captn morgster (9:36:32 PM): around 9 :-)
captn morgster: took me 21 secdonds to deicde i was going
galileo358: took me 3.5 once i saw the dates and realized it was a weekend :-)

Lancaster is always a good time. Big Yuenglings, friends from all around the region, and tour busses. I love my life.