"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, March 25, 2005

a distraction during my morning commute

My morning commute on the PATH is always a groggy juggle. I have my bag packed and slung over my shoulder, the daily newspapers under one arm, a large coffee in one hand, and my iPod and PATH ticket in the other hand. I must say I look pretty damn hot looking like a vagrant on a mission. I grab my usual end seat in the first subway car I get too, properly position the papers in my bag, put my coffee between my knees, change songs, and grab a book. It’s an art all while staying confined in my two foot area. I could feel someone watching me during my ordeal so I look up and across from me was the hottest guy I have seen on the PATH from Hoboken yet. He had on kickass brown shoes, weathered jeans, a hoodie, and some sort of plaidish hat, but I couldn’t really tell since his hoodie was over his hat. Best of all, he wore sunglasses on the PATH. Stellar. Maybe he didn’t think I could see him stare from behind his shades, but they were translucent and could easily see his eyes on me. So I continue about, switch to Starsailor, and open up my book. The whole time I could feel his gaze and each time I looked up he was watching me then looking away. Argh. He was hot, but now it was borderline creepy. I wonder where he was going and hoped he got off at my stop, and even better yet, walk right into my building. I bet he has good music tastes. He had cool shoes, which is almost directly proportional to music tastes. He got off at 23rd, so I watched him as he left. He had a bag with him, the only marking on it was a Phantom Planet patch. Be still my heart!! I should have ran after him and told him that we should make out, but I didn’t. Four to the Floor was on and that kept me planted until the next stop.