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Monday, April 04, 2005

Chip's take on my blog

Haha - I just had the below conversation with Chip while I was at work. He better watch out though, I am sure he is going to make my Tribeca blog...especially if he brings up some DP Dough! But yeah, screw the music industry...I'm going to get back into television! But then I won't have anything to write about...I'll just have to combine the two.

bigg daddy chip: your life absolutely amazes me, and makes me smile :)
bigg daddy chip: I just finished reading your most recent blog, and catching up on some others
mirgoes2eleven: haha i love it!! You get a mini adventure in two and a half weeks! :-)
bigg daddy chip: I KNOW!!!
bigg daddy chip: You have NO idea how excited I am
bigg daddy chip: its kinda weird. Your blog is like the soap opera that I'm anxiously waiting for the next episode!
bigg daddy chip: cept I don't watch soap operas
bigg daddy chip: and people don't have brain transplants in your life
mirgoes2eleven: HAHAHAH - i love it - i should write for a tv show :-)
bigg daddy chip: omg
bigg daddy chip: you'd be an AMAZING writer
bigg daddy chip: seriously
bigg daddy chip: I would totally buy one of your books
mirgoes2eleven: it would be so fun to cast it haha
mirgoes2eleven: screw music management, i'm going to write for tv!
bigg daddy chip: hey, I act! I'd love to play one of your characters
bigg daddy chip: lol
bigg daddy chip: although something tells me you could make some pretty f'd up characters
bigg daddy chip: your imagination doesn't scare me, just makes me curious
bigg daddy chip: Is there a new episode of "Days of Miranda" coming on tonight? :-P
mirgoes2eleven: oh i will make sure that there is!