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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

yoinked from jen's blog

Most of us keep track of each other though blogs, xangas, live journals, and road journals... yay for Jen and her DC adventure! For more on Miss Jen, check out her wonderful blog. But I love the below comment, because like Jen - I have a twang of homesickness. The below entry reminded how we all have taken a bit of Newark with us, because even if we are older and are working, we will always wake up early for an adventure or drinking or both ;-).

Ok, and you seriously have to read Jen's whole story about the adventure. I would expect nothing less.


"We meet up outside of CNN by 5. AM. In the morning. Or as my mother would call it, "the Crack" Jessica brings coffee, bagels and cream cheese, Josh brings Crockodile Hunter type hats (Crickey! We're hunting kegs!), Bill brings his wonderful sense of direction. Steve calls in a panic thinking we left without him, when we meet him in Capitol Hill he brings beer and a flask, which, while not the best thing to have in a moving vehicle, it made me quite homesick for Miranda and her trusty flask that came with us to LoHo and spiked Aurora and Marissa's drinks. Ah, the good old days..."

And as per Jen's request (oh geez - a work term!) I will reinstate comments on my blog. Have fun