"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, March 31, 2005

DC is becoming overpopulated with my friends.

When we all moved away last year...well, I had stayed, but everyone else was moving. They all figured I would be in NYC and I was there enough anyways, that at that point I was consided the NYC point. Aurora was Boston, Brit and Laurie in NJ, Hillary in NH, and Jen and Whitney in DC. We considered this to be the axis of fun that stretches along the east coast and we could just reconvene at certain vectors.

Matt Winn just got accepted into the PhD program at UMD - woohoo!!! Brittany is also now pursuing a double masters at American and Wesley. How freaking awesome are my friends?! And then it dawned on me that the axis of fun was gravitating towards DC. Two Matts, Jen, Hillary, Dave, Whit, Brit, Mark...come on now, who's next?!?! I always thought I would end up n DC working in broadcast journalism, but fate provided me a different path. I still get to live vicariously though Jen because she went after it.

So here I am lately, with my head spinning not knowing who I am or who I want to be and wondering where I should even be when Matt basically says, "move to DC". Ha! How crazy and fun would that be? All of usm like within minutes of each other! Screw roadtrips to the Khyber and Northstar and Tin Angel! We have um...DC 9...and um, the 9:30 Club? Oh well! Matt promises to find a sweet place if I go up there and we would be super cool roommates. Wawa runs five times a day. Stuffed pretzels and rockstar drinks all day looooong.

So here we are. Anyone want to help in the search for a video, journalism, political, or music job down there in DC? I'll just pick a new city each year. Jen - I expect a comment.