"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, January 03, 2004

in the night they used to come in through the window all the beautiful friends of mine

Catching up on the old blogger...

On Sunday, Jonasay played at the Iota so Karen and I decided to make a day of it and hang out in Arlington. It didn't quite happen that way. I got off work a little early to save on time, but as soon as we hit 95 we seriously went about 30 MPH. It took us 2 hours to get to Baltimore (usually an hour drive), so I figured detouring on 695 would be longer mileage, but a more efficient drive. So we did and we got off on the wrong exit and ended up in the ghetto of Baltimore. The exit sign for 95 was right next to the exit before and we took that one. At least we could see the stadium, so we drove towards that. Karen yelled at me for looking at the vagrants on the street. And 4 hours later we get to Arlington. We made it before doors so we cruised Barnes & Noble and Cosi. The door guy at the Iota is always cool and messes with me since we were guestlisted. Onward!

We grab our drinks - wine for Karen, vodka for me - and chat with Mike. He then informs me that he read my online journal and told me that he should be in it more. I hope I didn't offend him with any of the other comments I made about the Recher show. Hmm ironic that none of the usual fans were there. I kinda feel bad about the things I have said, but it had to be done. Especially when you're mean to me for no reason. Haha why am I so bitter? I just can't deal with annoyances.

So yeah, wander around talking to people then go up front since we decided we're gonna dance and our whole goal was to make Mike laugh during the show. I should add that Mike is the drummer.

Started off with my favorite song, so that is always fun. Autumn (from NC) and Chris (Justins brother) were next to us, so we caused a ruckus center stage. Mark and I made faces at each other and I tried to make Mike laugh but all he wanted to be was a camera whore striking poses. Michael busted out his song Hero, which was even better this time than last time. So I look over to Karen and notice she is writing her number on a napkin to the guy in LP. I didn't think I made a look, but I guess it was a shocked look because when I check the stage the guys are all looking at me and laughing. Mark points at Karen and I just shrug, yay Karen.

After the encore we hung out and talked. Justin told me I was a scarecrow (more on that later). We load the stuff out then hit up IHOP with Mark. Very interesting conversation. I get yelled out for being crude, but everyone else can say what they want - no fair! So I spill my issues over my omelette, then we leave. Mark can barely stay awake, so I drove his silver beast back to his house - a 45 minute drive - while Karen followed. Poor girl, I was weaving everywhere and almost missed my exits since I had no idea where I was going since I never went from that direction. I fall asleep on our way back to Delaware. Work in the morning. And work now, so I will finish blogging later on tonight.