"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, September 02, 2002

I have one full day of my last summer vacation ever left.
I can honestly say that this has been the most memorable summer that I have had. Thank you. I don't even know where to begin. Do I group by events, by people, by time...?! i ma all about groupings and lists and yet here I am with no idea and where to start.
Melissa's house was my second home :-) And i got to complain a lot there. And ponder. And drink. I think I am lucky I didn't get alcohol poisoning.
"Damn, I can smell the vanilla from here" - melissa
"Oh no no no, I am wearing vanilla." me
"Dear, no, that is defnitely your beverage I smell from all the way over here" -melissa
:::12 hours later:::
"so i looked at the vodka bottle this morning..." (half full) - me
"yeah that was definitely all you" -melissa
"how the hell did i even get home!?" - me
yeah...that was a fun night....

What else hmmm.....
Many a night at the bars with Nate then stumbling back to muse over life and all of its shortcomings
Michelle's graduation and playing softball at the gathering...sitting outside of the point....at XPN being so jaded about John Mayer and realizing that we have "remember when stories"...
The whole Mayer Kahuna experience...ice cream, running down the boardwalk, talking to random people, drinking and dancing and singing
Movies, ice cream, and playing with dead raw fish with Karen and Cari
And being at the beach with Kristen
FIREWORKS! trekking to the football field with Kristen, Cari,and Nate...then Bennigans. Cari got 50% off at Bennigans always for working there. yay for Cari.
Playing in Newark with Dan and..."All I want is a fucking beer"....
Rides up to Ryan's and the Bistro and galavanting all over Philly. And seeing a real life GOLD PIMP! Sitting outside of Jim's steaks at 3am. Then trying to find my way back to his house at 4 am because someone was too drunk to show me the way....
Spreading the love at WVUD....early early early drives to the radio station at 2 am with 5 cups of coffee just so i can play music on the fm, oh but then i got daytime hours! and i love everyone who calls me and Ims me while I am on the air to tell me how much they enjoy the show. I love doing it and I am so glad I can share it with all of you.
Jonasay. What can I say, you guys are awesome. Thank you for letting me tag a long on the road. Much more fun to come. Mark rocks. -Glue.
Coldplay. Wow. I cannot say anything more about that show.
Ours. Stuffed at the Khyber, but at least we found it! Could barely see, but it soudned incredible...
Seeking Homer. Always a crazy trip. Went with the whole concert crew for this one. Michelle, Dan, Nate, Tim, etc. We kidnapped Mickey, who drove all the way from Massachusetts :-) And so her and i were dorks and made a sign for the band to make them smile. Then there was a big sleepover at my house that night before we all drove a few hours to see them again...yeah....
Juliana Hatfield. My Juliana. I waited ten years to see her and I finially did. I met some really cool people at that show and it was just an amazing night of music.
And of course Pat McGee Band. It wouldn't be summer if i didnt see them. But instead of the usual 20, I saw them twice. sad face. They spent most of the summer recording. But it was enough to see a really awesome show. Scott gets a hold of me after I get off work and says, "hey lets go to NJ" So we did. We met at King of Prussia and luckily he had a map. Because we really had no idea where we were going. But after three hours of good conversation and good music we arrive at the venue. And it looked rad. A little club right on the beach with bamboo and pools and bars everywhere. And we meet up with Matt then make our way to the front row in time for Granian. And such a good PMB performance with new songs and such. And it was Ben's 22nd birthday. So of course he goes on stage and gets pizza. Pat gives him a glass of Jack and says "Here, you have to finish this jack of glass..." yeah. It was fun. A sick sick sick show. :-) So we leave and replenish ourselves at 7-11 and jet home. I think i went to bed at 6 am. But one of the best days of the summer :-)
Karen scored tickets for the Vanessa Carlton / Goo goo dolls/ and third eye blind concert. Getting lost in camden was enjoyable. we never had so much culture! then drinking out of guitar glasses and dancing like silly girls...and rick. karen, me, and melissa danced like silly girls i meant. a fun show and karens first concert. yay for karen!
Half priced burger nights at Deer Park. Yum. Ok, fine, veggie burger. Still a burger.
And half priced appetizers at East End. Especially the stuffed pretzels. Even though they do not agree with Nate.
East End. The establishment of the summer. East End rocks. Hard.

Oh summer....I don't want to see you go. :-( Thank you to everyone. You are amazing and you let me have fun. :-)

Sunday, September 01, 2002

"Well, there's a dreamer in my dreams
Swinging from the beams
With a light shining off the snow
Well, there's a singer in my heart
Burning up the charts
With songs about things we all know"

Do yourself a favor and see the documentary of the making of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. So good...so real...so raw. Now I really can't wait until I see them in Philly.
I went to the Ritz Bourse to see the film. I love the Ritz. They have Toblerone bars.

And i know i will probably regret this but who the hell cares...

ok so don't you hate it when you find out all this shit about someone you used to go with and you really can't do anything about it,because what can you do but be really pissed or hurt or upset, you know? But it really doesn't matter anyways, because regardless on how you feel, it changes NOTHING! GRRRRRRR!!!!! Why does everything have to be so tough!??!?!
I don't deserve this, I'm a good person :-/

I love Newark Delaware.
Shut up. You may be making fun of me, but it is truly super.
After working at the music store til close, James and I go over to to Grottos to meet Nate. Then Bob and Fin show up. yay. I am three drinks in. And when you have M & M's for dinner those 3 drinks really do you in. So then we progress our night to Deer Park.
Cover?!!?!??! No, we don;t know the meaning of a cover. So we leave. But I steal a menu. word.
EAST END!!! Oh my favorite watering hole. Oh how I love you. A few strong drinks later and I am ready to go. April Pedrick, you rock. And now I am home after a long night. But east end is fun and my type of people. yay for east end, hip hip hooray!