"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, November 16, 2002

I started my day at 4:40 pm. Yes, in the evening. Well I guess when you go to bed at 6 am that doesn't seem so bad.
Last night was a Jonaday. I have a headache so I don't know how much I will type, but we will see where we will end.
Aurora and I went to the Recher Theatre in Towson then off to Bohagers in Fells Point for a second show.
Great show at Recher and it made Aurora and I realize how awful the sound on our video is. Ok, not awful, but not great. Curses. Or maybe the fact that we listened to the music for more than half a day numbed our ears, but we were a little discouraged, but still all is well. Then Bohagers for the "Rock my STyle" fashion show. Um, I hope I don't even rock any of the styles they displayed. I was slightly frightened. Then back in the van. Since Mark is cool he gets to drive our saucy van. Damn rain. Damn my headache. I apologize for the brevity. Nothing like a 2 am diner stop. Only to be followed by a rainy jaunt in the paddocks with the horses. Finally got to see his horse :-)
i'll write more later. Hi Advil.

Friday, November 15, 2002

More misadventures of Rainbow....let me just make you all aware of a simple rule...if you are creepy, don't try to pick up unsuspecting girls.
I can't tell you how many times the Rainbow girls get attacked by the creepies that stroll into the store. We need to have an alert system. I think I wrote about this one guy before, the one that keeps asking a different one of us out...well I was putting away cds in the overstcok boxes when I overheard that oh so familiar voice. Jamie was the victim this time... So in order to not be seen by him, I had to escape. Apparently I am his favorite. So I had to freaking crawl from the side of the store to th eback of the store where he couldn't wander just so I wouldn't be confronted. Oh and George.... we all figured that maybe he wouldn't find us since we moved, but he did. And he paid us a visit yesterday when we opened. We need to prepare ourselves for George, we cannot fend for ourselves when we are barely awake. The best plan of action for getting rid of george is just plain ignoring. I know i know, it sounds mean, but c'mon every freaking day he stays in and bothers us for like an hour. Oh and sexy Terry....at least you can carry on a decent conversation with Terry even though he smells and his eyebrows stick out. He trapped Jamie and I in the rap section and proceded to tell us how nuce we looked, hey at least he is complimentary, and how if he wasn't over 60 he;d take us out. DAMN! haha. Raf (our manager) told us that next time we oughta start un buttoning our shirts and start touching him and stuff. Or maybe each other. haha. I think he would have a heart attack right in the store!
Ok, it's past 2 which means I should be at the radio station soon....

Nate tells me that blogging should be my highest priority.
Melissa, Rick, Nate and I went to see Lewis Black on Tuesday. So freaking funny, he is one of the guys from The Daily Show with John Stewart on Comedy Central. And I didn't appreciate the fact that they all stared at me when the opening comedien brought up something I did. For example...
Apparently I use double words a lot....such as, and I take this verbatim... "I didn't kiss him kiss him...I just kissed him". yeah they all had a hoot. Sometimes you just need the affirmation! :-)

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

All of my days have seemed to blend together recently. Work. Sleep. Eat. Concert. Not all in that order and not all entirely in one day. Especially sleep. Haha. But again, was another day at the record store, i swear I think I have worked 10 days straight there. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it was hard for me to figure out what day Sunday was. Mondays adventures were a lot more enjoyable at Rainbow so I will write about that after...

Sunday...work from open to 4 pm then off to edit the jonasay tape....
6 pm, i change into my pajamas and pack up my coffee maker because i knew that it was going to be a long night. Dave and Aurora show up shortly after and we start the long grueling task of editing. Ok, let me set the scene...we have about 2 hours of footage that goes onto a video cube. This is all located in the hell that we refer to as "The White House". This building was the President's old house that was converted into the editing rooms on the 2nd floor. We have one room with the editors and another room with computers and a very scary bathroom. And it smells. We worked so hard on this video. It's nearly perfect. It's incredible. around 11 pm we ran out of coffee. 11:30 the pizza came and we ate in the hallway because we couldnt stand to be anywhere tv related. Then back to editing. 3 am came so quickly. Then a storm. We lost our senses shortly after that. It was hilarious, both Aurora and I couldn't even function anymore or do menial tasks, like talk. We figured that we should just work throughout the night to get this video done. It was too perfect to leave alone. At 8 am we were done and so happy we nearly cried. nothing like listening to Jonasay for 14 hours. More than half a day we worked on it staright. I think we have lost our minds. We're such dorks that we even had "favorite parts" because you know, watching for 14 hours we should have been sick of it hahaha. Ugh and WISH. SO that was the first clip we loaded since it was the first song. But the editors were screwy so whenever we double clicked a certain thing, it would revert back to the first clip loaded, which was "Wish". Wouldn't have been a problem, but everytime we expected a different song it was "Wish". It haunted us. And at 5 am the last thing we want to see are clips in random places where they should not be! haha. There was even one time we werefooled...it was the audio for a different song...but oh no, the cube was too wise and underlayed the video for Wish. That damn song hates us ;-)
So yeah after the marathon and the perfect video, i went to bed at 9 am and woke up at 2 pm to go work at the music store....
It was Jen, Max, and I. There is a reason that Raf doesn't schedule Jen and I to work together. We made ninja stars out of old cds. I love Rainbow. Where else do you get paid to listen to Boston and make deadly weapons?
And today...I had a fun filled day at Rainbow again :-)
This time Chris was defenseless against Jamie and I. Jamie told me I couldnt leave work this evening because I made her laugh all day. And the UPS man is on our hit list. And no, not the hot one with the wife and kids (man, that guy can NOT keep coming into the store with his uniform on....) but this other one that sat outside of our store for like an hour with all of our cds in the back of his truck. you cannot do that on pearl and jay z day, we had angry customers that i didnt want to deal with! I also don't think Chris enjoyed me and Jamie serenading him. But I do love our new store. I thought our stalker window would be bad...the whole front of the store is now a window. Raf caught me staring out it the other day, apparently for too long, and informed me that people can see me watching them. Whoops! It's like a fishbowl. I;m a fish. I want to be an angel fish.

I am sooooooo sorry! Apparently I have been disappointing my loyal FANS by not blogging more often on my misadventures....
Ok, what to hit....
JonaDAY part 2

Drove the van. Yes, again. See the brakes and acceleration are very sensitive...oh and mapquest sucks. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!
But we found the place and unloaded and thinsg were perfect. Semi. Until I lost communication with my crew. I know they were talking about me ;-) I don't even know what to write. The filming was so incredible, I have an awesome crew. The band is great, everything just went well. Aurora got pulled up on stage and I thought she was going to pee herself. As she stated "I know I had this shit eat grin on my face". Hahaha. Oh wow, its so hard fo rme to put it into words, but I was so extremely pleased...So on the way back...hit a possum.
Hmm...Saturday I worked at the record store then edited. Fun Fun.
Sunday...Oh Sunday... sunday bloody sunday... this deserves an all new blog....