"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, October 18, 2002

Money is more powerful than knowledge.
So I am skipping class tomorrow to work at the record store.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Now added to my long list of "things that Miranda should not be allowed to play with": hot irons. Let me embellish.....
I am cursed with naturally curly hair, so I straighten it every morning with a straightening iron. As I tam typing this, I have two large burn marks on my forehead. I look like freaking Gorbachev. I also have a scar on my foot and a permanent triangle on my forearm.
On the bottom of my left foot I have a bubble that has not gone away in months. You see...I plug in my straightening iron, but since my sink does not have space on the edges, it heats up on the floor. Yeah...early in the morning, I am not that swift, I accidently stepped on it. Oh I woke up right quick.
And the arm. Two years ago I was ironing my shirt while it was on me. Oh come on, I didn't want to take it off and i didnt have an ironing board. Well, I missed and the tip of the iron singed my arm. Hence the triangle.
Now that I think about it, in my mom's house, I left an iron mark. I dropped the iron onto the carpert and the carpet is made out of synthetic material so the iron melted the carpet into a nice glossy triangle. The couch is over it now.
So now ironing has been added to my list of "Problems Miranda has with Domesticity". We have already tackled cooking and ironing, laundry is next. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Now my rant.....and I am sorry melissa i have tried to make my last few blogs amusing just for you since i know it is the highlight of your day, but i feel like blah

Too make a long complicated story short, I had Mono a few years ago but it was misdiagnosed and because of that misdiagnosis, I now have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has no cure and can take months to years for it to go away if it ever does. I don't have bouts of it too often, only a few times a year, but it is triggered by stress and usually hits me hard. Yeah, I am going through it now and I can't even explain the pain that I am enduring. The throat is always the worst for me. And 4 cups of hot herbal tea in the past hour has done squat. And I hate medicine. I always use medicine as a last reserve and try to use natural remedies to make everything better. But with what I have , it isn't viral, so it's not like anything would help, just mask the pain. So grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................
And i was going to find a medical list of symptons so you can share my fun, but found some cool stuff on WebMD that I didn't even know before and so now i feel like i sounded like a doctor up above. i will leave you with some informational medical gibberish so you will feel fulfilled and entertained.....hopefully by the time you are done reading, i will be asleep...
-Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may develop without warning in a person who has not been sick. In some cases it develops after a viral illness, such as mononucleosis (mono) or influenza (flu), or after a period of unusual stress.
-Forgetfulness, memory loss, confusion, or difficulty concentrating.
Sore throat.
Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpits.
Muscle pain.
Joint pain without redness or swelling.
New headaches.
Unrefreshing sleep (waking up feeling tired or unrested).
Fatigue that lasts more than 24 hours after exercise or exertion at a level that the person was able to do in the past without fatigue.

Sunday didn't really effect me, it felt like my brithday was on Saturday and we celebrated on Saturday, so Sunday was just an ordinary day.
Played with the horses, went home for breakfast, cleaned, concert.
Jonasay's CD Release was on my birthday, yay for everyone!!
Aurora and Burket and Heather and I trekked down to Towson for the show. Road trips are always fun and we had a blast. They put on a really great show and its awesome that my friends are getting into them. I think Aurora's night was made after a certain comment....she then replied with "Yeah, that could not have been said better....." I don't think the roar of laughter was needed ;-)
So great meeting so many people and putting faces to names. I am drained so I am sorry for the lack of color in my musings.....
But it was defnitely a passion driven performance which was just incredible. The band played nearly everything and a good time was defnitely had by all.

No idea where to begin so I will probably post several times before I fall asleep....
Let's start with Saturday....
Yay for Michelle coming down. We all tailgated for breakfast. I think the morning started off right when Michelle, Double A, and I started shrieking at the moth I thought was a stick flew. At least we were at a red light. We find a great spot and started to eat breakfast. I had brough bagels. Frozen bagels. Right out of the freezer. Whoops!! So we made our way around and it was so great running into people I hadn't seen in a while....especially girls from the team and old COMM majors. I always run into Lauren at the craziest places. First met her....damn, was it four years ago!?!? Yes, we met at a concert, Pat McGee Band of course. Strange how PMB is linked to practically everything in my life haha. And we've hung out and randomly see each other ever since. So very cool. So before noon we were plastered. Then to grottos. Poor Karen we terrorized her!! She has these pants that she claims are too small....so i had to yell out "nice ass karen" a few times (or so i was told, i don't recall) before she had to tell me to pipe down that it was a family restaraunt. So we go back and nap to begin part 2 of homecoming (and celebrating my birthday ;-) ) So yeah....Kates then East End. And soooo many people came, thank you guys so much i had a great time :-) I had to split my time between outside and inside of East End because the group slit up, but it was just so wonderful to be with everyone. Thank you. And you would be proud of me, I gave up drinking...yes again...so I didn't drink anything after noon. Oh geez, how many times has that sentenced been uttered. Not by me i mean, but who says that!?!?
haha ok...on to Sunday!

Monday, October 14, 2002

"Pretty eyed
Pirate smile
You'll marry a music man" elton john

so many things to write about....
but i am not feeling well and i need to go edit, but i will blog for you when i get back to my senses. For I have seemed to lost them.