"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, December 06, 2003

hell, i still love you new york

I went to New York City for the day on Wednesday. Bought another hat to add to the collection from a street vender. Milkshakes and grilled cheese for dinner. Getting lost with no direction and discovering the city.

down with the sickness

Every time Aurora and I travel somewhere that is a bit extreme, we get sick. We go to Norfolk and the girl now has a bronchial infection. Though I should be avoiding her like the plague since I can't afford to get sick, I don't. And we go to Wawa late at night, watch late night tv, and laugh at things that shouldn't be funny. And we see the snow fall down at 1:30 in the morning against the massively huge traffic light and its all alright.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

black friday

Yeeha, I bought a laptop.
During the Thanksgiving festivities, I was asked what I wanted for Christmas. I really don't have a need for anything right now. Some things would be nice to have, but I don't need anything. I have everything that I could possibly need right now, I have a car in great shape, I have an apartment, I have two horses who never let me down, I'm healthy, have great friends, and the melody keeps me going. Nothing is richer than that. My mother has known that I have been wanting a laptop for a bit, just because I am always on the go and mine has not been upgraded in the past two years. She planned to get me a Vaio but I would much rather have something cheaper and more financial help with grad school - which is killer. So she peruased the sales papers for Black Friday and settled on giving Best Buy (I know I know I know, don't even think it...I am shopping AT THE MAN) a visit at 5:15 am. She picks me up at 5 and we head to Wawa for some java. Odd that this is the time that I usually go to bed, and not wake up. These two guys are next to us and kept staring at me, in which I responded by staring at his friend who must have been a complete five foot three and at 5 am, this was hilarious. So we deemed him Napoleon. We get to Best Buy and the line was insane, but we weren't too far behind. Strangely, Napoleon and his friend were a few people ahead of us. Got closer to the front of the line and Dan was quite chipper - or not - handing out vouchers. Ugh, he had to work ten hours at the largest retailer on Black Friday - carpe diem! It's ok though, he showed us a shortcut and we were surrounded by some interesting customers. We all had a good time chatting in line and observing a few arguments.
Afterwards I headed to the radio station where I had a decent show. After I signed off I got a call from a person in Chicago who told me how much he enjoyed my show and inquired about a few artists. Crazy, I was able to run down a synopsis and some recent tour dates on some off them - take that, Clear Channel. I had my usual callers, but that one stuck out the most. It always feels good when someone proactively tells you how much they appreciate what you do, more often than not, in the media, critcs vocalize complaints rather than compliments.
Friday night found me at the record store working with Max and Jen. Jen and I used to work every Friday night together for the past three years until she moved to Towson to finish up school. Everything is well with Jen...and she got engaged! We all knew it was going to happen, and it did. So yay for Jen. I'm glad she is back for the holiday season, makes Rainbow seem a bit more complete.

gobble gobble

"Oh, the seasons change
so quickly these days
And while the rest in their new coats and new hats
shiver in their beds
You stand outside
and watch the clouds go by
in the same clothes that I met you in" matt nathanson

Above is one of my favorite Matt Nathanson lyrics. Below, you will find a link to last years Thanksgiving blog. I pretty much feel the same way this year, and can't believe that twelve months have already passed. I am surrounded by the most wonderful people and the past year has been absolute insanity and I am so thankful to have each day be so exciting. The past two months have been exceptional in whirlwind activity. Though I am not very materialistic, I find enjoyment in the people I am around and the experiences we encounter rather than something tangible, and lately I have been more grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. Crazy nights of crashing at 5 or just not sleeping at all just so I don't miss a thing. And with the people I am around and what we do, it's not worth passing by.