"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, January 28, 2005

locked in on a friday morning

I loathe waking up. I try to sleep as long as possible by scheduling my morning routine perfectly to the minute. Being locked inside my own apartment wasn't a part of the plan.

I gathered my things, turned the knob, and nothing happened. It wouldn't turn. Now I know I am not the strongest girl ever, but I have never had problems with the door before! So I tried a few more times, still no luck. What was I do to, climb out my window 5 floors above?!? I was also stuck because I don't even know who my landlord is or my roommates' work numbers.

I grabbed a screwdriver and started operating on my door. I had to delicately balance the knob because I didn't want to lose the other end of it on the other side of the door. 25 minutes later I was finally able to force the latch out from the wall and now I have a gaping hole in my door.

Usually I am in the city by 9:30 and I make it to work by 9:50. Nope, by now it's 9:35 so I sprint to the PATH and make it there by 9:50. I then hop on the N train uptown and make it to 55th & 7th by 10:10 and stroll into work 20 minutes late at 10:20.
Sigh, at least it's Friday...

In the player today - The Arcade Fire, live Tyler Hilton, Lloyd Dobler Effect at the Logan House, and OK Go.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

thursday night

I am still in the office. Starving...losing my will to live...hunger...stomach...need sustenence...

I haven't weighed myself in a while, but I am willing to bet that I am definitely lighter here than in Newark. First off, I live on the 5th floor and usually take the flights at half sprint. Secondly, I walk about 3 miles a day to and from work to Port Authority. But the kicker has to be that I rarely have time or I am either too stressed to eat at work. I wonder how long one can live off of the coffee, oranges, apples, and banana's that I actually do have time for. I've also been on a peanut M&M kick. I have our intern go out daily for them, maybe that's how I get my energy. Who knows. I'm hungry. And it's 8 pm. And I am still here.

stupid soup

mirgoes2eleven: i just made soup
captn morgster: mmm soup
mirgoes2eleven: and it exploded in the microwave
captn morgster: hahahahah
captn morgster: good one
mirgoes2eleven: i had to clean it up before i got killed
mirgoes2eleven: i was scared
mirgoes2eleven: so then i cleand it with windec
captn morgster: the new girl cant even cook :-)
captn morgster: windex and microwaves do not mix
mirgoes2eleven: which i dont think is a good thing when nuked
mirgoes2eleven: but oh well
mirgoes2eleven: HA
captn morgster: we think alijke
mirgoes2eleven: and we can't type alike
captn morgster: true

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

yet another day at work

Today pretty much went from bad to worse with a few bright spots in between.

For some reason, time eluded me this morning and I got to the station a bit late, thus walking into the office late, but still the first person there. I like being the first person in the office, it allows me a chance to organize myself before interacting with anyone. Plus it gaurantees that the coffee will be made to my liking! :-)

The exec assistant and I talked for the first hour since we were the only ones there. We have a lot of random banter between us and its a good way to start the day. Our intern came in shortly after and the first thing we did was switch out some light bulbs. I had the Logan House LDE show playing at my desk and while we were in the other room, the intern asked if I was playing "doin' the butt". So I laughed and said it was LDE doing a cover.

I was sitting at my desk, working on my computer, drinking out of my mug when the exec assistant comes running to my desk saying "giiiirrrrrlllll that's ttttiigggghhhtt!!" She surprised me and of course it was hilarious, so I end up choking and laughing at the same time - sending coffee up my nose and spraying it from my mouth all over my desk. At this point I had tears my eyes from laughter and the burning. So I dash to the kitchen, grab papertowels and clean my mess with the girls doubling over in laughter. The exec assistant gushes on how much she loves go-go music (she is from DC) and how she is digging this band that I am playing - so we spent the next half hour talking about them.

A few hours later the girls reconvened and inquired about the guitarist that I mentioned in a previous blog. I think they are up to no good. They know of other things going through my mind and they gave me a checklist of things to do and not do - it was hilarious as we checked ourselves off of the things that we are guilty of doing.

I was craving M&M's today for some reason, so we sent the intern on a candy run to fulfill our desires. Hmmm...what else...same ol', same ol'...oh yeah, and I got yelled at.

During the last hour I got a project involving an upcoming tour schedule. I wrote everything that I needed to do in my notebook and did it. Then it was faxed over to the artist. Afterwards, i was told on how much I screwed up and how if I didn't understand something I should ask. It wasn't that I didn't understand - it was that I didn't know that I had to put show dates in with the rehearsals and days off. I mean, I could have assumed that, but it wasn't expressed to me. I was also told that I was handed the calendar. I said no...the calendar was never given to me, it was placed on top of other papers, if it is not handed to me, I am not going to assume that I should go digging on someones desk to find something out of assumption. It's more detailed than that, but all in all, I was assertive and stood up for myself and defended my actions. I fixed it, it's not problem now, but I still don't like screwing up something that was obviously misunderstood on my part and not delivered correctly on the other end. So needless to say, I was pretty sour about getting called out in front of the office and for feeling awful about something that was just clearly not assigned to me effectively.

But at least when I got back to my desk I had an e-mail from NC that brightened my day. :-)

pasta and american idol

Yesterday was pretty slow at work - aside from the usual phone calls, faxes, setting up meetings, researching fan sites, gathering the industry buzz for the day, and proofing lyrics. I was all set to go home and work more until Maryellen got a hold of me before I left the office and invited me over for dinner. Oh yay! I think Maryellen has cooked for me more than I have cooked for myself since I have been here! But you can never deny good company in the presence of wine and pasta. American Idol was on, so we glued ourselves to Fox and of course critiqued everyone that "sang". I think this is three seasons strong where Maryellen, Chris Morita, and I have tracked the series. We then had cookies and ice cream while deliberating the weekend's plans, which are still up in the air. No matter how hard we scheme or plan, we're still not going to have any control. Such is life. :-)

i am officially a psycho freak

The internet and AIM bring whole new levels of personal investigation into play. Muahaha I feel evil. But I also feel more informed. And it sucks when you can't do anything about your new found knowledge except dwell on it and make up fake scenarios and things that are probably worse than what they really are. Like my vagueness? Only one thing will make it better. :-) I know one person who reads this will read into my crypticness! HI!

JJ and I just wrote a hit tv show

This is the funniest conversation I have been involved in all day...
To start it off...JJ had an away message up saying that he was writing the theme to Pamela Anderson's new TV show and inquired about words that rhymed with "boob". The first thing that came to mind, was lube...so I responded...

JJAppleton**: you're a genius!!!!!!
mirgoes2eleven: :-D
mirgoes2eleven: i should become a songwriter ;-)
JJAppleton**: it's not an exact rhyme..but one could also say "smoove"
JJAppleton**: u should, it's a really easy job and you make a lot of money and get laid all the time
JJAppleton**: note the sarcasm
mirgoes2eleven: HA
mirgoes2eleven: you souldn't complain you get to write about soft core porn
JJAppleton**: it's true...although of course they said "we want something like "Cheers" or "Friends".how imaginitive!!
mirgoes2eleven: HAHA
mirgoes2eleven: whats he new show about?
mirgoes2eleven: *her
JJAppleton**: two fucking dorks who are "booksmart" are best friends with Pamela who is "streetsmart" and a whole lot of hijinks ensues. Gee, how do they come up with this stuff???
mirgoes2eleven: didn't they learn their lesson after V.I.P.?
mirgoes2eleven: thats ingenius
JJAppleton**: oh yeah, the whole thing takes place in a bookstore that the fucking dorks own. I could have shit that idea out of my ass
JJAppleton**: watch, I'll probably get it and make a ton of money
mirgoes2eleven: HAHAHA, wow the show keeps getting better and better? what network is it airing on?
JJAppleton**: Fox...what else?
mirgoes2eleven: UPN
mirgoes2eleven: :-D
mirgoes2eleven: quality TV there
mirgoes2eleven: or spike tv
mirgoes2eleven: haha
JJAppleton**: the show doesn't have a title, the characters have no names yet, but it takes place in a city in California. we weren't allowed to read a script. that was helpful...UPN is so great!
mirgoes2eleven: around beaches no doubt
JJAppleton**: well, PA's gotta come struttin' into the quiet bookstore in a bikini doesn't she? oh then the hilarity will begin I'm sure
JJAppleton**: I'm sure one of the dorks will have the annoying overacted habit of pushing back his glasses from slipping down his nose while he has an annoying laugh.am I being negative?
mirgoes2eleven: then they will have to take their wacky hijinx to the beach and solve their problems while running and glistening
mirgoes2eleven: oh and don't forget that he wont be hot
mirgoes2eleven: and he'll be pasty
JJAppleton**: and learning life's lessons.
JJAppleton**: we should write for TV!!!!
JJAppleton**: we're awesome
mirgoes2eleven: seriously! look at us go!
mirgoes2eleven: nielson would be all over it
JJAppleton**: and then Juliana hatfield does a guest appearance as a lesbian!mirgoes2eleven: a naked lesbianJJAppleton**: right...naked...you always come up with the good ideas!!
mirgoes2eleven: and would put pam to shame
mirgoes2eleven: then kid rock will come in on a 4x4 and serenade us all with the feel good anthm of the show
JJAppleton**: all about how he's proud to be an american!
JJAppleton**: ok...this has to stop...i need to get a soy chai latte
mirgoes2eleven: THEN tommy lee will bust in on the happy scene...also naked...and beating the rejoicers with his, uh...
JJAppleton**: cock!
mirgoes2eleven: will it be a vanilla soy chai latte? thats the only way to gomirgoes2eleven: HA!JJAppleton**: I think I might try that...
JJAppleton**: the vanilla, not the cock
mirgoes2eleven: good call

Monday, January 24, 2005

voids in my life

I really wish I had some rain boots and a rug.

I would like for my rain boots to clash as much as possible and be very bright. Key colors would be orange, purple, and/or green. Seeing how I mostly wear black or white all of the time, obnoxiousness is key. My Chucks are wet from galavanting in the city.

My bedroom floor is bare and needs a coverup. Though I like spinning around in my room in my socks, I can do that in my hallway. I feel as though my furnishings are wallflowers and need that free spirit to lay itself out in all its glory in the middle of my room.

And out of everyone, I would really like to see my horse, because unlike all of you who are only a phone call or instant message or e-mail away, I can't communicate to her like that...and I miss her. She loves the snow.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

random day at work

I have insomnia and it is still way too early to go to bed and I am extremely bored - so blogging it is!

I was actually telling this story to a friend today, so I figured I would blog about it because if i had to pick one day at work to blog about, it would be this one...

Not this past week, but the week before we had one of our artists come in (I am going to be very vague with names and situations). First I guess I should paint a scenario of the office, again, without using names. It's a small and open office - my desk is the first one you see when you walk in, with the main manager's assistant on one side of me, and the intern's area on the other side of me - so I am in the middle. Two of the other manager's offices are on the other side of me, it's weird to explain, but just know that I am in the middle.

One of our artists came in along with the guitarist in the band, but didn't say much. I think I had IMed Maryellen and told her that this kid is going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older (I just assumed that he was still a teenager). Later that day he was left alone in our empty "artists" room, so I went back there and said that we had magazines and such and if he wanted to grab one, he could. So he follows me out then sits down in the chair in front of my desk. We then start talking about random stuff. It's pretty easy for me to make small talk with him since I knew nothing about him and I have years of interviewing experience behind me. But he ended up being really cool to talk to. The intern and the executive assistant kept walking past me and laughing, but I didn't think anything of it. The guitarist had another meeting in our office, but then afterwards came back and sat with me and we talked some more. He leaves and asked me directions to where he is staying (fortunately I knew) and what I was doing that night. Still, I am not thinking anything of it because I am naive as all hell.

The next day the girls and I are talking then they mention the guitarist and in all the months he has been coming in, he doesn't talk to anyone and how we sat there for an hour and a half talking. I said no way, but they said 90 minutes because they sat on AIM talking about it and spying on me. They then informed me that he was 21 and not in fact, 17. So here I am red faced and embarrassed. They made fun of me and reiterated our conversation and said that he was smitten. I disagreed! Then they told me to watch out and not cause a scandal in the office - they were only kidding, but I wouldn't!! They said that the artist may kick my ass - even though this industry is so incestual! So here this is on my mind, and the musicians walk in. Low and behold the guitarist zeroes in on me, and pretty much ignores everyone else, as the girls pointed out. So we talk some more, with me trying to stifle my laughter as the girls keep walking by and IMing me with scandalous thoughts.

Nothing happened, it was pure entertainment and fun. I am getting to know our artists - I swear. At least that is my defense. The girls said that he would e-mail me, but he hasn't, so HA I win.

championship sunday

A snowy sunday and nothing but football on all day. Woohoo.

Of course I am rooting for the E-A-G-L-E-S...but torn on the second game. The Pats of course have been a hometown favorite of mine (NH) since I was younger, but a PA vs. PA Superbowl would be kickass.

Ok, time to meld myself to the couch for the rest of the night.

plane wrecks and johnny carson

Maryellen just told me that Johnny Carson died today. To me, that is his second death.

I think I was around 4 years old, it was one of those dreams that was too true to be imaginary. Johnny Carson had died in a plane crash. So I go on for most of my life thinking that Johnny Carson was dead. I think I was in high school and someone had menitoned Johnny Carson, in which I informed them that Johnny was dead. I was corrected, and have realized that most of my life was led in fallacy.

It's true though. Johnny has left me once again. This time to emphysema.

Saturday Night Live

So Ludacris and Sum 41 are playing together as musical guests on SNL...is this Jay-Z & Linkin Park Collision Course Part 2?