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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

so Jen wrote this today and I figure I will let you read and I will comment on it because it relates to what i was going to write about....

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Posted 3:41 AM by Jen
Producers learn never to take anything for granted. Having enough people to operate a show for instance, is never a given. Tonight we had five people as crew and two of them had to be on camera at times. You never take equipment working for granted. Even the most simplistic of machines, like a VCR, could spaz out at any moment and leave you as helpless as if you had no cameras at all. They decided to freak out tonight, with 7 minutes until show we discovered they weren't taping video and by luck Whitney noticed a switch was in a different spot on one vcr than the other. However, we couldn't get it to stop playing spastically as if it needed tracking, which we didnt know how to fix. Andy had to go on air and apologize after the commercial breaks for anyone that just had a seizure due to the flashing colors and moving picture. Most importantly, you never take time for granted. I remember Miranda had a blog ages ago saying that since time is such a priority in production that she tended to see her life in a countdown, like she had 38 minutes until class, and 2 to get dressed in and 4 to eat in and so on. Kinda like how Will saw everything as units of time in About a Boy, but I won't go into that again :) I missed the lesson on managing time, but I think I have an appreciation for it of some sort. I hate going to bed because there's so many other productive things I could be doing, but I treasure my 1.29 hours of naptime if I ever get them. An hour wait for food means an hours worth of social time before hand. Maybe its not the time I'm concerned with, maybe its the rationalization of it. I can rationalize not doing anything for that hour because I'm waiting for food. I can rationalize taking a nap because I didn't get much sleep the night before, which I can rationalize by saying staying up late was worth it because I got to write in my blog or talk to Scott or look at that website or play that game that I normally woudln't have had the time for. It sucks to get in an argument with me because I can rationalize anything in the world. I can rationalize the fact that the show didn't go as smoothly as we all would have liked because it wasn't my fault the vcr's turned schizo on us and we worked through the setbacks to put out a good show. Because in a year, no one's going to remember the technical problems we had, they'll just remember the manatee wanted to have sex with Andy, and in the end, that's all that matters...
Well first off, my OCD would only allow me to count down anything with a zero or five, but besides that...
it is true, working with television and radio, everything is a countdown and it all has to do with numbers. Everything is perfectly timed. In all aspects. It always reminds me of the movie Castaway...."We live by the clock and we die by the clock". Numbers are all too important to me. And I guess it just goes with me nature of packing all of my day with something. Anything. Epler pointed out that I "don't deal with with being idle" haha. It's been like that for years. Sleep is only a luxury because there is just too much to get done, enjoy, and experience. I rarely know what the word "downtime" means. I guess that is why I was so glad to actually get that snow storm, my life was forced to take a break.
Which is my perfect segway into my weekend....Don't have any regrets and use up your time to the fullest extent....
So I had some free time from work so Aurora and I decided to go to.....NORTH CAROLINA!
We left rainy cold Delaware at noon on Sunday. From DE to North Carolina there are ONLY 3 signs for a Wawa at the exit. And all are around Richmond. There are two after Richmond. Sadness! We get to UNCW to visit Sean around 8:30 that night. Go out to eat and hang out and fall asleep around 5am. Aurora and I have been sick since Harrisburg (damn, was that ONLY a week ago!?!?!?!) so the coughing and sneezing and rough voices were quite appealing I'm sure. We leave for Carrboro in the evening. Jonasay and Graham Colton. See we had to go, how often would they be playing together?!?! I had my voice while Aurora had a sexy rendition of hers which didn't allow her to whisper very well so it was difficult to talk about people or make fun of anyone without being obvious. But I think we succeeded. Aside from Michael and his vagueness it was a very fun night. We'll figure this one out......
Leave at 2 am to come back home to Delaware. I taught Aurora stick shift so we could switch off. After stopping at a random gas station filling up on coffee and Mountain Dew, I caught my second wind near Richmond and kept on going. Cruise control is a very nice thing to have. Saw the skies change from night to day and it reminded me on how much I love driving and being out while everything else is asleep. Haha actually the last time one of those instances stick out is after I was at the beach in July with Jonasay and trekking on the beach...odd how everything comes around full circle. Hit rush hour traffic in DC around 5:30 am. Two sleeping cranky girls does not make the roadways safe! Damn people. Accident in Baltimore. Made it home by 8 am.
Stuff we listened to on the trip, for your inquisitive mind: Beatles, Jesse Malin, Jonasay, Brendan Benson, Howie Day, Virginia Coaltion, Green to Think, Better Than Ezra, Pat McGee Band, ok, i forget the others...grrrr
1030 miles...45 hours...whew!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

and pizza

that somes it up...though we never got around to the movie :-) Brittany, Aurora, Whitney, Karen, and I got to finally hang out outside of the television studio and catch up and relax. Haven't heard that word for a while. I swear the conversations we get into. And its great to see how such different people can get a long so well and have a great time. Though we're all sick and tired and worn out and water logged, we kept it going till the wee hours of the morning.

In a few hours I will be heading off to North Carolina. I'm sure the misadventures will land up on here.

Last night hung out with Melissa, Rick, and Chris at the East End. The good old East End. Definitely one of my favorite places in Newark. Didn't think I drank that much, till I came home and hung out with natalie. See Cari later on... "so did you have fun last night? All i heard was a "woo" from you when you walked in and I knew it was a good night. Then I rolled over and went back to bed".
argh...it's times like this that makes my impending move to DC seem so hard. In time answers will come....

But now, time to sleep this sickness away!