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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

yet another trip to SS MD

Greetings from 192! It’s not even midnight and I am exhausted. I wonder why…Oh yeah, because I rolled into Jersey City at 5:30 in the morning then stayed up for an hour beyond that and woke up a little after noon. Over the past two days I contracted anal herpes, got a jagged sunburn, got close and personal with hair grease smear, now answer to “ho-face”, and saved Amy from being severely crushed.

This weekend I visited my second home, as Miss Amy calls her place. Judy and Angela haven’t been passengers in the Go Go Cabrio for more than 5 miles before and I forgot to warn them until after I almost hit a woman with a stroller and weaved in and out of traffic on the turnpike. There were only a handful of screams during the first half hour of the trip. We also did our good deed of the day by donating money to the hot fireman hanging out in the intersection taking collection by way of the helmets. Judy then said that we have clearance to be bad.

We waved to Newark as we passed the 273 exit and I “dazzled” them with my multitasking: driving, shifting, sandwich eating, singing, and talking on the cell to Amy. We were on Georgia Avenue when I look over and see an SUV full of guys hanging out calling out to us. I turn to the girls and warn them to not look. Of course I turn back around, they were still staring and yelling, so I said hey and waved. Judy and Ang yelled at me and there proceeded to be a chase down Georgia. Ew.

We get to Amy’s (in about 3 ½ hours including a lengthy stop at Wawa) and meet Mr. Kominski, then ran upstairs to be girls and get ready for Notty’s…which pretty much meant brushing teeth and changing shirts since that’s all we had time for. The blue room has been established as my room. Phil picked it out for me last time and I have now taken up residency.

We caravanned it to Nottys, said hellos, and grabbed drinks. Notty’s is like the Logan House on crack. We took silly pictures and made fun of the creepy guys around us, as per usual. Amy and I both had victims, both of who escaped us and left. Oh, it goes without saying that Lloyd Dobler Effect was playing Nottinghams. They have two new songs, Spain and Empty Reach that I have been listening to, but didn’t really want to judge before hearing. I still am not feeling Spain…it’s got the same kinda vibe as Victim and Stranger. I just feel that it’s a little bare, but we’ll see how it progresses. On the other hand, I really enjoy Empty. I can see that one being up in my new list of favorites soon.

I met a bunch of the hometown LDE posse and put a bunch of faces to names. I also met Terry, another Kominski. Judy and Angela celebrated their birthdays and we tried to lift Dave’s spirits. At the end of the night, Amy and I escaped outside…where we proceed to critique everyone walking out and the drunk guys wandering around the front trying to pick up someone to go home with that night. We didn’t try to be quiet because we assumed that everyone was either too drunk or too far from us to pay attention to what we were saying. Nope – this guy turned to us and told Amy and me that we were the meanest girls ever. We tried to defend ourselves, then Amy and the random guy discovered that they knew each other from swimming.

Chris came out around that time and joined in on the mocking. He introduced a new phrase into my life: “I’m glad that’s not my life”. Or something to that effect when it comes to the people we were surrounded by. Oh look at me, I am awful. I am not even from there and here I am knocking it. Oh no, wait, I can – because when I spent half the night deflecting dirty comments and inappropriate touching, I have every right to be mean. But yeah, the guys all looked the same, the girls were half naked, makeup was caked on, hats were tipped, and I’m sure none could utter a complete intelligent sentence. It’s great though, it provides fodder.

We sad our goodbyes, loaded into the car, and headed back to Silver Spring. Oh yeah, LDE bought a new van. This one not only is fairly new, but the seats work, and it comes with such luxuries like heat AND air conditioning. Stylin’ and profilin’. On the way back I got an odd text from Jay, so naturally I was intrigued. We had cake complete with a Barney candle (how old is that?!) then upstairs for a few hours sleep until the sun rose. I was entertained via text messages from Newark until I passed out.

I think I kicked Amy out of my blue room when she sat on my bed. I can’t remember…but I do remember Angela giving me an awesome massage before we all convened in the kitchen for coffee. I played DJ on the way to the Metro so we rocked 50 Cent followed by Augustana. As we entered the subway, I received the good news that Omnisoul was added to the IKE CD release party bill. What a fabulous day already!

Yeah, so the metro was being fixed so we have to take a bus part of the way, then back onto the metro. While on the bus, we spotted a bakery called La Fonda as well as a guy picking his nose. We got onto the second metro and I grabbed a window seat. While staring out the window at the graffiti laden buildings wondering where I am going to dump the bodies, I noticed a spooge-like substance on my window. Amy informed me that it was hair grease. GROSS! Maybe it was because of my tiredness, but I think it was one of the funniest things of the morning.

As we trekked across the Catholic U campus, my mom called, also at the same time a van of CU guys hollered out the window at us. Nothing like jumpstarting her and our morning. We tried to get in one area of the field, and the cop told us to go around. Amy turned around and said, “I hope you get shot!” a lot louder than I think she anticipated. She really is a nice person, honest, we were just punchy! There was a show, it was fun. We realized that CU’s football field is smaller than our high school football fields – hell, mine even had lights for night games! After the show, the band defaced Amy’s thunderstick and the girls rocked playing catch with a frisbee, football, and tennis ball.

On the return trip, I had hair grease on my bus window. We took a detour to Panera for our usual lunch. Somehow I think the subject turned to the hurricane or florida or hobags or swimming when the girls told me how Doug almost drowned when they last played Spinnakers. This really isn’t funny, but I laughed so hard I was crying. I think it was because we mimicked the guys so well and provided them their dialogue. In the midst of our boisterous laughter, we notice this half dead woman at the table next to us. We seriously didn’t know if this woman was conscious or not. She had a newspaper in her lap and she was contorted in a way that surely wasn’t comfortable. She had bags beside her and a full plate in front of her. We weren’t sure whether we should help her or not, or what we would even though. All of a sudden, she jerked up and started scurrying around and shoved food down her mouth. About 2 minutes later, she hunched over again and became motionless. WHAT!?!? Of course we laughed very hard again and I think I cried again. On that note, we left.

We dined on caffeine at Caribou in Olney for over an hour as we delved into our sordid pasts. We have come to the conclusion that if you are a boy, don’t be an asshole and cheat or say dumb things. There ya go, not that hard to follow ;-). Back to the Kominski house to dabble in band talk and to talk about other artists. Amy and I came up with an LDE plan. I said that they were going to disown us, in which she replied that they can’t disown her because she is blood, and they won’t disown me. The evil plan is on!

We headed off to eat and I was introduced to yet another Silver Spring haunt. There was a Latin musician serenading us with um, awesome, um, music. We had the great idea to leave Pedro a love note from Chris in the tip jar. We tiredly ate while discussing more of life’s problems. We spoke of coworkers and jerky bosses (no worries, Hoffman crew). Oh yeah, I also don’t know how to sign a credit card slip apparently. That is documented as well.

Judy, Angela, and I said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed home with a few jaunts along the way. I almost passed out while driving. I haven’t driven that tired in a while. We stopped at Sheetz for sucky coffee and cheap gas. We all got dfferent items though it came to the same total each. Trippy. Angela tried to keep me awake by playing sing-along-songs. I made it to the Fort Dix Wawa for more coffee and a bathroom break and it was full sailing ahead. Rolled in to JC a little after 5am.

Monday, September 05, 2005

labor day

Dan just gave me the 4 minute rundown on Laguna Beach. I think I understand. At least there are three episodes on so I can catch up.

I love random holidays. Today I cleaned, went for a run, went to Target…twice, and watched Zoolander. Now I understand Blue Steel and Chris’s Blue Steel website – nice work! ;-)

Oh yeah, I think I will start a running list of things roommates should not say. I thanked Dan for washing the dishes over the weekend (our dishwasher broke so we had a lot of dishes). He said no worries, he didn’t wash the silverware. Tanya and I looked at each other and made the facial expression for gross. We saw the big pile of silverware and assumed they were clean and put them back in the drawer. Dan quickly saved himself by explaining they were clean by soaking and rinsing, not by scrubbing.

Shaun also came up for the weekend to visit Tanya and during his visit we decided that we need a video camera to document our antics.

In the vein of antics, I put a ban on me using candles in rooms that I am not in. I will not document the events (hi Tanya and Dan!), though I did admit fully to Amy the course of action…but for now, the details will not be divulged. There was just a slight inferno in the bathroom. That is all. Nothing happened.

CNN.com - Katrina slams N.O. music scene - Sep 5, 2005

CNN.com - Katrina slams N.O. music scene - Sep 5, 2005