"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just another day in Taradise

Last night after work I went over Maryellen’s for our last night of Hoboken fun where I can actually walk to her apartment. We celebrated with cake and milkshakes. Though we spiked our black and white milkshakes with chocolate coconut rum.

As most of you know, I am a sucker for “reality” television. I do not believe all of it, it just solidifies why I dislike most of society and I usually end up screaming at the TV, sometimes throwing stuff.

Last night we snacked while flipping between “Rockstar: INXS” (God, kill me NOW – though Mig is hot if you look at him straight on, from the side he looks like that moonman guy from McDonalds a decade ago) and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Needless to say, Maryellen and I tore everyone up…as if we can either sing or dance. But then…Taradise on E! All I can say is that I feel pain for the editors. For every hour of broadcast, they sat through about 40 hours of raw footage of that idiocy. Not to say she isn’t a good person, or that she doesn’t seem fun to be around – but there was no substance and it was extremely dull and moronic. I think the best part was when she talked about how there should be no war and no one should hate and all the haters should be put on one country and how everyone in Monaco gets along. On that note, I left and went home.

Talked to Amy and Jay for a bit when I got home. Jay and my conversation was worth saving, but I forgot. We pretty much acknowledged that STN is our BFF. He was saying how he has no friends outside of STN and how when he interviews the athletes, he should ask if they’ll hang out with him. I said that I went though the same thing, alas, Center Stage! Just the other week I shouted to Morita how I have no real friends, just music and STN people. And granted I love you all and you are all amazing, I just think that it is funny that there is no one that I confide in or talk to on a consistent basis that doesn’t play music, promote music, book music, go to shows with me, or have filmed with me. I love it.