"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, September 13, 2003


Since someone likes to talk in their sleep....what little sleep was to be had (4 hours) wasn't really had until about 8 am where I got an hours worth of sleep after Mark and Justin left for B'more. Aurora called my ass and woke me up at 9:30 so we could hit the road by 10. Picked up Jen and Marissa and we were on our way down 95 South. But not without a stop to Dunkin Donuts and Wawa first. We were cursing the rain before we even left DE.
So we dodged the raindrops on 95 and made it to Baltimore incident free. Except for parking. Ok, I go to Philly a lot and know that city like the back of my hand, and though I go to b'more for the inner harbor and fells point, I am not too familiar with that city, though it is almost equally as close. Yeah and the parking sucks. So we found this lot, that you just fold your money up and put it in the slot, its not computerized so ther eis no time count or anything. And the slot to put the dollars in is the size of the width of a dime, so you literally have to roll the dollar to slide it through. After 5 minutes of trying to figure the damn thing out and shove money in it to no avail, we found another lot, a block closer, and the same price, but easier.
So we park and head to Camden Yards to start our morning off with Jonasay at the Taste of Baltimore. We weren't going to go to this event until John Faye (of IKE) mentioned it to us at my concert on Labor Day. Ike is great and we don't get to see them enough, so they were the deciding factor.
So as soon as we find Jonasay, the rain starts and we get slightly soaked. Jen had the revelation that this is a rare occasion that we see a band perform twice in less than 12 hours in two different states. We missed some of their set, but it was enough to satisfy.
After they played we decided to stroll around Camden Yards and check out this event they call Taste of Baltimore. Oh yeah so awesome. Every where you went you got free food and free stuff. Our favorite were the balloons that said "Silver Spring, MD" on them. The essence of SS, MD will be mentioned in an upcoming blog. So we walk around and enjoy the festival, then its time for Ike.
Ike is fantastic and definitely one of my favorite bands. It started raining again and a nice guy let me use his umbrella. Then it started to downpour so we all went under a ledge until Jen and I said screw it and we played in the rain and danced to Ike. We made the band laughed when we shouted out Beautiful. Cliff played the Christina cover at my show and it freaking rocked. But yeah, played a long set full of musical goodness.
After Ike, we walked around some more and said goodbye to Aurora since she had to go to work. Time to see Fountains of Wayne. We were all really excited to see FOW perform since we really dig their studio albums. What a disappointment. Their live show blew. Granted I love the music and think they're really talented, but there was a real lack of stage presence and desire. They played about 7 songs and left with minimal crowd interaction.
That was made up for with Hootie and the Blowfish, who headlined. Prior to the show we all admitted how great of an album Cracked Rear View was. We were about 5 rows back and marissa got some awesome pictures. The whole show was great. They played a lot of the new album as well as some older classics. Played for an hour and a half including two encores. Their guitarist, Mark Bryan, was amazing. Their whole stage presence was incredible and they were all so charismatic. So good.
The ride home was filled with conversation about bands and artists who love what they do and the loss of true heart in some commercialization of artists. Its always good to have intellectual musical conversation.

So today was full of good friends, soaking wet dancing, and great music and heart. Thank you.

Logan Hizzouse

Ahhh...good old Logan House. Not that Logan House is great or anything, but a lot of fun when you go with a group and you consume some premium malt beverages.
Jonasay was headlining which means the girls all came out. (writers note....ok, it seems like I don't listen to any other bands, but let me just state for the record that I do. I am currently enjoying the new Some Girls, Rufus Wainwright, Vertical Horizon, Ike, and Fountains of Wayne albums. I do like other bands, I see other bands, but the past month has been a little dry due to my SARS)
Ok, anyways...
Logan House...and premium malt beverages. Make for a fun time. Lots of singing and lots of dancing. We tried to corrupt Brittany by dancing all arund her, but the girl remained strong.
Oh yeah, and if you're a guy, at a bar...don't be creepy. (See previous blogs) Do not try to dance with me. Do not try to talk to me unless I approach you. You may be a nice guy and all, but if I want to communicate with you, I will. Do not force me to lie and say I am a lesbian because you are being a creep. Ew, and most of all, don't touch me.
But Jonasay played well, a little off, but still good nonetheless. It was actually more crowded there last night than I have seen it in a while. Good for them for staying strong and not playing mostly covers. Unless I missed something, the only cover was Helter Skelter in the end.
Mark and Justin stayed over in my "cozy little room" for more like a nap than actual sleep before they had to hit the road to Baltimore at 8am. Lucky me got to leave at 10 am. Good times :-)

adeventures in apartment living cont......

So as soon as I get the hang of this alone domestic thing, my washer goes and explodes on me Thursday night. There I am just washing my towels when all of a sudden water and foam was everywhere. Yeah, 20 hours later everything was all dry and clean. At least my apartment smells mountain air fresh.


I guess I should state that the band listed below was Jonasay

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

DC twice

Oh my god, don't be creepy.

I love the Iota and most of you probably know that if an artist goes to the Iota, I would gladly drive there than Philly. So I get out of my deathbed and Karen and I trek to Arlington, VA. Poor girl had to deal with me coughing and my lack of voice nearly the whole trip. But we saw a Swift truck so all was well.

We meet up with Mark and go inside to the wonderfulness that is Iota. Ok, so by doing their DVD, I watched the people who were at that 9:30 club show incessantly since I worked on it for two months. Since I don't know half of their names, we came up with nicknames to point out who people were while editing. There was this one girl who kept apearing in Karen's "fan cam" and she was always dancing. Not even to the beat, more like sawying and moving. So we dubbed her "dancing girl". Mind you, I have never spoken to dancing girl, the first time I even saw dancing girl was through the lens. Dancing girl was at the Iota and felt the need to, point, yes, point, and stare and talk about me to her friend. Now, it could have been all good things, such as "Wow, thats the girl who did the video stuff". But since it went on all night, I doubt it. So I don't know what dancing girls deal is.

Dancing girl kept it all to herself and her friends, where as two creepy guys did not. Age is always the first thing that comes up, probably since Karen and I both look like we're 17. Her and I both don't have a problem with age in guys, so this conversation really goes no where. This where the guys then lie about their ages, then after a 5 minute game, it is revealed. And still makes no difference, they are just being weird. But at leats with younger guys, they aren't trying to be all touchy and whatnot. So yeah, if you're a guy at a bar trying to pick up girls, don't be creepy. And more than likely, if you are at a bar and trying to pick up girls, we don't want to be picked up at a bar anyways.

Oh yeah and then another group of guys. And poor Karen is just so nice to everyone and I can be pretty icy, so they get half the hint and end up being confused.

And so we were getting ready to leave and then the guys come up to us and offer to take us back to their place cuz they know we want it. Ok NO. Four up, four down.

The we hit up DC again the next weekend. DC is always a good time.

adventures in apartment living

So I moved into my new place and living by myself has been...interesting. At least in 5208 I had my girls to keep me in check and make sure I didn't burn the house down. So far I have had a flood and I punched my window out.
My shower faucet decides it doesn't want to turn off and I had no idea how to fish it. Banging it with a hammer just made it worse. I don't think I even need to write anymore, you get the picture....But I found the mains so I just use them now :-) Yay for being crafty.
My washer is in my bathroom and my dryer is in the kitchen, but hey, at least I have them. So the first time I decide to do laundry here ended up with blood. Who knew being so domesticated could end up so violent? You know that tube that comes out from the back of the dryer? Well I had to put that tube outside of the window. What does that tube actually do?! I couldn't get my window open (these windows are probably as old as the building which is about 150 years old I think...) so I bang on the sides to loosen the window. I guess I bang a bit too hard and my hand goes right through the window. Oh well, the tube fit nicely through my fist hole.

playing ketchup

Yeah I know.
Ok, let's see what I have been up to...
I went to see Radiohead :-D Oh yay.
I took Nate for his birthday and we met Michelle up in the parking lot. I told Nate that now I can die complete now that I have seen Radiohead. Little did I know we would almost get in a car accident three times on the way up. Oh wait, I should have known....it was me driving...but it wasn't my fault!!
The one incident that sticks out the most is when the mack truck almost rear ended me on the bridge. I swear I have no idea how he stopped on time. But the concert was excellent and good times were had by all.