"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, August 08, 2005


I am listening to the Stereophonics because I love it. Morita and I are on our way back to Hoboken after the Coldplay show in Camden. I am battling a headache and yawns, so we’ll see how far I get before I pass out, and it’s only 12:11 am. I love my laptop. I have no more money via paper cash or debit…I wonder how we are going to pay the toll. Oh…Morita is pulling into a Wawa. Brb – I cannot pass up a Wawa stop….ohhhhh mac and chizeese!

Ok, this is fucking like an orgasm in the mouth. I had Wawa mac and cheese for breakfast at noon this morning and more than likely this will be the last think I eat until tomorrow morning. Oh hell yeah.

We went to Newark this afternoon and I got to play in the record store. Chris A. is moving into my old purple apartment – and he is so keeping it purple. Rock! I wandered around the store for a while – nothing I wanted was used, so I settled on the new Decemberists CD. There really is a lack of anything amazing that’s out. I almost got the Tristan CD, but figured I would wait, and we didn’t have the new spoon. My mom met us in the store, as did Raf – oh fun. I miss that place more than anything, even more than my horses.

New CD in hand, we left for Chip’s, then Capriotti’s. Capriotti’s, Wawa, and Coldplay in one day, could my life get any better!? On the way to Caps, we were listening to my new CD and track two says my name, so it’s my jam, yo.

We are on mile 39 on the Turnpike and because the Stereophonics are done, the ipod is spinning. I didn’t want to think of what to play, so I have my “hot day running” playlist on shuffle. Green Day’s “American Idiot” is on.

Chip, Joe, Morita, and I tailgated the Coldplay show in true Delaware fashion – yuenglings and capriotti’s subs. (Switchfoot’s “Gone” is on). The parking lot was like American Eagle threw up – it was so weird, were we at a DMB show?! Crazy weird, this is when I realized why I don’t usually go to shed shows, I have already seen that band headlining the shed at a smaller, more intimate crowd before the mainstream sodomized them. (Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love” – shush, this gets me through my four mile runs)

We enjoyed some good conversation and laughs on our little area of the pavement. Oh!! So the douchebag award goes to the tool the car next to us. So this guy with a hat, khaki cargo pants, and a red shirt that said something about committing a sin tonight, was all jacked up and had complete attitude and thought he was hot shit. He was probably younger than me and looked like every other guy there. I go to the bathroom and when return he is so on our blanket in my spot strumming Chris’s guitar. Ew. You know he thinks he is awesome. Every time he passed us he gave Morita the nod as if he was accepted into his little secret society. He was the epitome of CB’s definition of a Haus Bro.

Yeah, Morita (Kate Voegele – “Only Fooling Myself”) so picked up so many boys with his guitar. I also tried to play which attracted a crowd around me asking me to play, to which I obviously declined. A group of guys saw Joe’s Delaware Swimming shirt and said his sister (OK Go – “Don’t Ask Me”) went to Delaware. Joe said he knew her, and the guys friend said, “yeah she’s a slut” – to which, Joe replied, “yeah, then I DEFINITELY know her.” So damn funny. Oh yeah, did you know that when you pee, you fill up two beer bottles…though it is impolite to miss and get the back seat damp…

Coldplay was nothing short of amazing. I was surprised on how many old songs they played. I reallllllllllly wanted to hear “See You Soon”. Last time I saw them (TLA) they played it and I was stoked. That song seriously may be one of my all time favorite songs. I got it on the damn Blue Room EP imported in Boston years (Kings of Leons – Molly’s Chambers) and then it was fucking released on the live Coldplay CDs. It’s one of the few songs that makes me cry…the other one being Fix You. The first time I heard Fix You I cried. Just so you know, I am not a huge crier – I don’t cry over people, just circumstances. The lyrics and mood just hit me. Coldplay always had (Rilo Kiley – It’s a Hit) a special place in my heart. The song just pretty much sums up my 2005 and it’s so damn amazing. Of course it’s the second single. Boo AND hiss. And I absolutely freaking love the fact that every damn person I knew at the show, including the Omniposse, texted me right before or during the encore during Fix You to remind me that it was mine. Yes.

But what a beautiful concert.
And now here we are on mile 70. Oh yeah, so walking out of the show I got a Mint Tingle Trojan condom sample.

getting lost in jersey and omnisoul at the HOB

I woke up early on Saturday and punched out a lot of things before the noon hour…all compliments of Samatra Starbucks coffee. Have you ever seen “First Daughter” with Kaite Holmes? Neither have I until Saturday, where it played back to back in English and Spanish. I still haven’t seen the beginning nor the end, but it was decent background noise.

My mom met me in the ‘boken and we lunched. Then we thought that taking 130 all the way to Morita;s would be swift. No. But it was ok, I rocked the iPod and informed her of all the new stuff I am spinning.

Morita and I headed off to Matt’s to carpool over to the Omnisoul show at the House of Blues. We totally got the directions messed up and we ended up going in the exit and hanging a left at lube zone. I talked to Phil and met Lisa via cell phone, so that was entertaining, but didn’t help our lost cause any.

We made good time to AC and swiftly made it to the House of Blues. I was on the Omnisoul guestlist…who keeps the lists not at the door?!!?? Back downstairs. We missed the first Omnisoul song, which is the one I wanted to hear the most: “Live Like Your Last Day”. Well, fuck.

We made it up near Jamie and totally rocked out. I was in fucking bliss and my smile must have taken my whole face. I am so extremely proud of these guys. They sounded huge and the audience was loving it. Kinda funny though, they rearranged some of theis older tunes…so here I am singing along, and totally not singing along to the right parts anymore. Jamie didn’t have his awesome horn solo part in “Home to Home”, but Derek still delivered the shaker love during “Scare the Night”. Ha, remember when I was shaker tech, for like, a night?! Nothing but love. I think “Not Giving Up” is fantastic and totally haunts Derek and my quest for the rock star dream.

Naturally they shouted out a song to the U of DE posse, then the whole crowd exploded for “Waiting (save your life)”. This song still sends shivers up my spine. Wow, and having the room jump up and down, arms pumping in air, cell phones up, singing along to every word will always remind me of the Stone Balloon in December where both Omnisoul and my fates were signed, sealed, delivered, welcome to the industry,

Lifehouse played after and were not as fantastic. Of course I am biased, and Lifehouse reminded me of every other band I like, but they lacked the passion and stage presence. They weren’t awful, but they weren’t great.

Chatted with Jim for a bit as well as Josh and Derek. So beamy faced.

After the show, we filtered out and decided to try our luck on the slots. Both Morita and I won a few quarters, but gambled them back. We drove over to Tropicana and met up with Cindy and her posse. Morita had his first buttery nipple, which reminded me of many a college night, especially Slut Fest 24K.

Around 1 am we called it a night and headed back to Pennsauken. We were both pretty quiet, then he says, as he is driving on the Atlantic City Expressway, “I need to pull over so I can get sick”. So he does. We went drink for drink and I was fine, just tired, so I won’t blame it on his lack of drinking skills, although whenever he does hang with me, he ends up puking.

This prompted a conversation this weekend about my drinking. See, back in Newark, was pretty much getting shit faced every other night. Mostly because of the company I was with – Aurora, the Rainbow crew, and the Marlon Spike crowd. And honestly, I really had no reason not to – I was at an extremely low point in my life and there was no reason for me to be responsible. Now I actually have a reason to wake up and be quick-witted, which saves my fiascos to the weekend.