"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, September 19, 2003

bring on da cane

Brittany is blaming for me Isabel's wrath because I mocked the storm, or lack there of. Isabel got back at us by wreaking havoc in the early morning.

From my one window that faces the street, I don't see any flooding or trees down. Yay. We lost power three times last night, but luckily, I am a girl, thus I own a myriad of candles. My apartment was dark no more.

Monday, September 15, 2003

your three cents

So apparently stamps rose in price. From $.34 to $.37. When the hell did this happen!?!? I guess its been a while since I have mailed something that wasn't prepaid or metered.

And why is there no cent sign on the keyboard? The c with the vertical line through it. Wasn't it on typewriters? They probably replaced the cent sign with this sign: @ because when do you actually use that sign besides email? Or when does anyone ever use this sign: ^. I don't think I have ever used that sign. Or how about this one: | WTF is that!?!?! No, it isn't a lower case L, it's the symbol that is typed when you press the front slash button and shift. The cent sign is much more useful than that vertical line.

The next line of keyboard should have smiley face buttons on them as well. So instead of three keystrokes, you have your emoticon in one.

i can feel it just for a minute then its gone

The new Some Girls album makes me wanna jump around my apartment. I love it.

Yesterday was another open to close day at the record store. But Chris and I pass the time by talking about people and sharing our obscenities in front of our customers. Perhaps we should really tone it down or watch what we say in front of others. Not that we lead scandelous lifestyles, but we always talk about what we would do if we had guts haha.
After work I went to the White House (for all of you non STN freaks, the WH is where the video editing stuff is). Damn, its pretty sad that I just go there to hang out haha. Karen and Jay were there so I bothered them. We went to Wawa to get dinner and the whole trip there and back I think Karen and I fully verbally violated Jay with all of our X-rated talk. He banished the two of us hanging out together with him. The highlight of the night though was Karen and I attacking him and trying to paint his nails. I swear the boy must now have a fear of the WH.

I can't find my favorite blue shirt with the stars on it. Sadness.