"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, April 01, 2004

chlorine, superglue, and stickers

I bought face wash today because I ran out. I just grabbed whichever was the most versatile to take with me on the go.

My face is now tingly fresh, but I was brought back to summer. Apparently I haven't recognized this scent since I was a summer camp counselor and it reminded me of those crazy weeks. And I smiled because I amd fortunate enough to have experienced greatness. Seriously, being a camp counselor is one of the most rewarding experiences ever and I had put it at the back of my mind until just now.

On a similiar note, I ran into Katie Evans, who was a super cool counselor with me, the other day and it was pretty groovy. It's been years and for some reason I was reminded of Joy Wash. And she likes the same music I do. We're all alike.

Monday, March 29, 2004

I'm going to hit them all

">where have you been lately?

follow up to saint patty's day

I just remembered a few things to add to Jen's post.

So this guy was bending over in front of our table with his ass hanging out of his pants. I dared Laurie to grab his ass for a dollar and the girl did it. Not just a brush but a huge hand filling grab. She earned a buck from Jen too. I think she even did it twice. Then she struck up a convo with him, so damn funny.

Then there was this girl decked out in green. Enough for Jen and me to stop our conversation and stare and for Hillary to go into "t-rex mode" and exclaim (saying the letters) "WTF was that!?!?"

And we cannot forget the announcement and enjoyment of the afternoon delights.

And DP Dough after last call is always tasty. I hadn't hit the dough up since Britney and I aced our 60 page Chem final last May.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

saint patty's day

I'll blog about my trip tonight, but for now you are graced with the details of my St. Patrick's Day. Never beleive any one of us when we say "oh we're gonna stay in...oh ok, I'll go out, but I am not drinking....ok ok ok, i'll drink, but I won't get drunk!"

Screw that! I think I knew I was done for when I exclaimed that the "pink was drink!". Regardless, the drinks were pink and they were a tasty $2. It was great hanging out with the girlies as we made fun of company we were with at Kate's. I am on my way out, so I will cut and paste Jen's journal entry because it pretty much mimics what I would say anyways... I'll add more later...

My goodness.
So we had planned for weeks to go out on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate Hillary's birthday and National Drink Alcohol Day. Only thing is, I had a presentation the next day, and Laurie an exam, so the two of us didn't intend on partying. I believe one of us even uttered "I don't even want to drink at all!" and we definitely said we'd leave by midnight. Let's see how that turned out:

Laurie, Hillary, Megan, Sasa, Jim, Brittany and her friends Chad and Mellora, and later Miranda all trecked to Kate's and surprisingly enough found a table. And $2 skyy drinks. Well, they're only $2, so Laurie and I figured it couldn't hurt to have one. Just one.

Saw Melissa Z, and we chased down the "distributer whore" that was handing out the beads to ask her some questions for documentary class. Now, I'm sure she was a sweet girl, and she was very helpful with what we asked. However, she was concave, and tanner than any blonde haired person should ever be, hence the tag of 'whore'. My apologies to any concave, blonde bronzed people out there.

Fast forward to 1am.

I have had 5 (yes, five) skyy drinks, and am off my ass. I've never had five of anything before ever. And I was the last one to brake the seal somehow. Something is wrong here. Laurie on the other hand, has had a pitcher, two beers, and two skyy drinks. And is as drunk as I am. And I think everyone else is too....

We head to D.P. Dough, where Miranda tells us her apartment is in the free Spark magazine, so we run outside to find one. She signs copies for all of us :) We get home, Hillary and I have some quality time, and Laurie and I pass out. No studying, no presentation work, just sleep.

So take it from me, when you go to a bar and people say 'I'm not going to drink' or 'I won't be out late' don't believe them. And don't go out the night before a presentation/exam/anything. And most importantly, no matter how dedicated you are to being responsible, $2 skyy drinks make the rules.