"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, November 08, 2002

JonaDAY part one....
it's almost midnight on thursday night and its really funny how aurora and jen have tomorrows activities in their away messages ;-) Oh oh we;re addicted to AIM. We're COMM majors, what can I say...but these made me laugh...then I will talk about the previous JonaDay's excursion...
Aurora: i'm at cookseys filling up on some hops and grains...hehe...celebrating early for Jonaday!! :-D
Jen: Study study study, what else is new :-) Feel free to IM me, I'm here Tomorrow is Jonaday #2!

How fun :-) Ok, time to spill it...but since I am a COMM major, I will play the role of GATEKEEPER. You figure it out.

I think the foreshadowing of the night occured when Aurora, Matt, and I went to pick up the vehicles. I had a new minivan, while the truck looked like it was built in 1970. I don;t think matt appreciated my Jed Clampett reference ;-). But we got our gear in and we were ready to roll! First stop...Wendy's. Fries and Frosties rock. Then onto Jersey....then I realize that I have no idea where we are going. We all thought the others knew. Oh well, we'd find it, even in the dark raininess! So we get to Glassboro and find the school but cannot find the RAT. yeah the freaking renovated rat. I'll get to that later. So Matt was following me, though I had no idea where we were going. As Jen pointed out, our quest around campus looked like a scene from the video game Simpsons Road Rage. he went the opposite way down the street and went in the entrances where I said to avoid and we could never catch up! But alas, we found the parking lot.....
Same old same old setup. Everyone was great. Ohhh the funny part. So Aurora was getting the Canons ready when she asked for me to come over. So I was asking why, and she kept repeating for me to come over. Me, and not Dave. So then I was worried! We're all crowded around Aurora (except Dave ;-) ) to see that the eye piece of the camera was dangling off!! NOT GOOD!!! (we avoided Dave since he is the wiser of us all and very protective of the equipment and we did nto want to start panic). But yay for Justin having superglue. Oh come on, we're STN , did you really expect more from us? ;-)

JonaDAY part 2 tomorrow.....this should be an adventure. McGuyver style.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

also, while driving back from king of prussia, melissa informs me that "there is not one time that i am in the car with you that i do not fear my life"

I swear I need to write a book about the adventures at my record store...
We have our list of crazy customers.....
This one apparently I met last year but I don't recall him, but he remembered who i was. Fair enough. So its awkward conversation then he leaves. Then comes back. then leaves again. Jamie, Charise, and I stand around befuddled. Then the creepy man comes in (mind you our male managers aregetting a real hoot out of this) and says "hey, can we go out for coffee soemtime". We look at each other not sure who he was talking to, so I grab some cds and start running some info on them, Jamie grabs the phone, and poor Charise is left defenseless while she lies to him telling him that she has a boyfriend. We then goes on to pester her about it and then says "well miranda wont go out with me, so why don't you". Charise is trying not to laugh and jamie and i are avoiding eye contact because we don't want to start crying. We then leaves, but not before shouting "its ok, i have plenty of lady friends". I swear, the three of us were on the ground while raf mocked the poor guy. It was all I could do from not laughing out loud. And the best part was was that customers stopped and stared at the whole ordeal.

Monday, November 04, 2002

I know you are dying to know the funniest thing i have done all semester is. And oddly enough it doesn't invove me making an ass out of myself.
So i am in my room quietly reading when my roomate natalie comes in with a water balloon and a twinkle in her eye.
She wants to throw it off our balcony and hit cars. i want to hit people. So we round up the roomies....
We fill up a few and arm ourselves.
I live in a four story apartment building with two sides to it.
The first attack.....
natalie and i run to the 3rd floor balcony on the stair case and hit a car aiming for the open sunroof. We miss, but the car still gets wet. We need something better....
Second attack.....
We see a car of girls unpacking things from their car. perfect. We run through the woods behind our house. Of ocurse we're dressed in pajamas and sandals because its 1 am. We run all the way to the top of the floor....and bombs away! Oh yeah it was great. People screamed, things got wet. Oh shit! Time to run! Not knowing how to escape since there is only one out, oh we were smooth and got home safely.
Mission accomplished.

So on Friday Jonasay came down for my radio show. It was great, thank you to everyone involved.
So after my nervous breakdown and three cups of coffee, everything went well.
Rob had tagging Satellites come in for a session in production room 1, and he was going to leave everything up for me to use. Oh would have been great if the band he brought in wasn't 2 hours LATE! So I figured if they are out by 3 i should be good. No. Let's begin at 2:30. This is in no way aimed at Rob, its just a funny situation on nothing goes the way i plan ;-). So I am trying to figure out when the hell am I supposed to do. Then Dave says "oh yeah just have them play in the studio". Oh yeah sure. Nothing like fitting anything that should make music into the cubicle I call an air studio. But it worked and it rocked.
I received so much positive feed back, especially from random people that I do not know, that it made my day. Everyone enjoyed the work of my crew and how the studio session was hard to differentiate from the cd. yeah that crew was me. only me. haha
So after we go to East End. Like Disney World, it's the greatest place on earth. Then to Chestertown. My mom called and left a message on my phone...
"rock stars have kidnapped my daughter"
name that movie.
speaking of that movie....ryan made me laugh. so the mom that was in almost famous was in beyond rangoon, which we were watching the other day. So in the middle of class the mom comes on screen and ryan yells "don't do drugs!!" (a quote from almost famous). yeah, only him and i laugh. i swear i think my professor thinks i am a 5 year old dumbass.

Ok, due to popular demand, I AM BLOGGING!!!!
Hmmm, so what to write about...?
I told Melissa I would write about our wonderful mall excursion. I don't know why I shop at malls. We walked three hours in King of Prussia mall only for us to buy stuff at 2 stores. And it was the two stores that we came to see. And we have banned Christmas. The Christmas season should NOT begin before Thanksgiving. there is nothing Christmassy to be had in the month of October. None. It should be ghosties and ghoulies and goblins. Only to be followed by cornucopias and crisp leaves. Only after the turkey is cut and the last drop of eggnog swilled should there be any good will and merryment. Soon we'll be celebrating Christmas right after 4th of July.