"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, October 27, 2002

ok, nat ei s making me get off the computer since i ave a habit of being nostalgic and IMing and emailing random people on the computer when i am not of righ tmind. i will catch you on the flip side with more misadventures with MIRANDA!

i saw whitney at the loop!!!! and jen writes this in her blog and i love them all to pieces :-)
:: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 ::
Yay for STN girls :)
I had dinner with Miranda, Whitney and Brittany tonight, and it struck me how well we all knew each other. I could predict when Whitney was going to make the "what the hell was that face", when Miranda would laugh, and when Brittany would try to explain herself to us. And the funny part was, I think that was the very first time the four of us did something together. It's just that when you work with someone so much, and you go through the same things that they do (and no one can understand the hell that is STN unless you've been through it, period:) ) you really do form some kind of freakish bond with them. And I mean freakish in the best but oddest way there is :) But I love my girls, don't know where I'd be without them.

just got back from th eloop.. i am not going to correct my typing. nate say sfir me to write "nate made an ass of himself as usual. " He is on by bed now and sleeping iver, but on on my bed. he is "the guy on the couch again" . the loop totally rocked and of course i have marked on my body (my hand particularlty) where i have a bruise but have no idea how i got it. i was josie from the pussycats!!!! YAY!!!! melissa used my id. Silly loop people, she got in everywhere. everyone was there, it was greate to see everyone again..........Anne-Ashley, Michelle, Jason, Meliisa, Rick, Nate, Felicia, Marty, Tim, Nina, etc so on and so forth had such a good time thnak yuou :-) and of course i am sure everyone will be baxk at the logan house again shortly :-)