"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Dewey Beach Music Fest

Wow, almost a month. I suck.

Chris is across the street getting me a raspberry iced tea. He doesn't suck

Alright, highlights of my last few weeks. I just feel very fortunate in the position that I am in right now. The last few weeks have been a whirlwird of fun and excitement and I can't even begin to conceptulaize how amazing this next month is going to be. By reading, you will find a common theme....

So Marissa, Amanda, and I head down to Dewey the last weekend in September for a music conference. Each conference gets crazier and crazier, so needless to say, I was really excited. We make it down to the beach around 4 and check into the Marina Suites. Oh yeah, the difference between a motel and a hotel. We established the difference last Dewey Beach Conference, where we discovered that we actually had soap and shampoo and a working clock, and the GTT boys did not. We got ready for dinner, unpacked some stuff, made some phone calls, and headed out to the Rudder. Marissa had brought some film equipment for Center Stage and had 6 bands lined up to be interviewed and we were also going to film their performance. Hence the reason for being there....of course not partying and meeting awesome people.....its all about the business ;-)
So we ate dinner at the Rudder and met up with Paul Lewis at the coffeeshop. En route I literally ran into Jamie from Omnisoul. They rock and it was cool running into them. Listened to their new stuff and it is tizzight. :-) Check them out at www.omnisoul.com . So lets seeeeeeeeeeee...... Starting talking to the James Harvey guys before we even knew they were James Harvey guys. Really nice and their music is really good. James Harvey is classically trained and his voice is simply amazing. Also met up with Fools and Horses, Capitol Air, and Stargazer Lily to film and interview them. Marissa and Amanda were filming and doing the interviews while I braved the crowds and filmed the shows. The girls stayed at the Rudder since they were already in and I headed to the Cork to see Ken and Steve (GTT) since the girls couldn't get in there. The Cork was pretty filled up and I found Gilligan, so all was good. The guys started off with Better (my used to be favorite GTT song) and played some old and new stuff. My new favorite GTT song is Dear Urgency. You will like it too. FIlmed about 15 minutes worth of the show then put the camera down so I could watch from not behind the lens. Steve and Kenny were pulling the White Stripes thing. Dave and Chris couldn't make it, but still a great performance. They ended with Woman Like a Man by Damien Rice. Incredible.
So they ended and I heard from Marissa and Amanda and she were ESCORTED out of the Rudder by a BIG HUGE bouncer. He took them pass the whole conference while he carried the cameras. Oh my.
So they were waiting for me at the hotel....then the afterparty....

SO I meet up with the girls and we head to Grottos. Grottos is a necessity any time we're at the beach. Like the motto, it's tradition. As we're walking there, Marissa is tlaking to the Fools and Horses guys (from now on will be referred to as FAH) and we randomly meet them in the parking lot before Grottos. So we all (me, Marissa, Amanda, Bill, Tim, Matt, and Kent) eat and hit the liquor store then back to 216. Somewhere between before and then I called up Steve to tell him and the posse the game plan.

Geez, where to now. So we are all in 216 playing drinking games with terrorist cards. ASS! We had to say "ass" at the end of every sentence, per Amanda's rules, so that was entertaining. The fridge was full of "Sir Coors Orginal" (that's a FAH saying ;-) ), wine coolers, twisted tea, and various sorts of liquor and sodas. Sweet. James Harvey Band and the GTT guys came around shortly after. As did the cop. Instead of trying to write in any sense of order, I will just point out the highlights....
-Grammy nominee David Ivory coming into our party looking for Rotoglow
-The butt munchie rent a cop
-Steve showing me card tricks :-)
-consuming lots of premium malt beverages
-missing a horse...and a girl...
-Kent running around mostly naked screaming "sexy nipples!"
-The whole room getting silent while Damien Rice was performing, then again for the School of Rock
-Tasting the Rainbow and not throwing it
-The whole GTT interview, which I was gladly a part of haha
-Steve: is she going to air this
Me: Shhh....no
Steve: Marissa, are you going to air this
Marissa: Yes, of course
Steve: I hate you.
Me: You love me
Marissa: Yeah, I'll edit this

Just great times with old and new friends :-)
Went to bed at 5 am and woke up at 8 am to drive 87 miles back to Newark so I could open and close the record store....and though i was begged, I didn't think I was going to go back that night...

Caffeine got me through the morning, where as a phone call got me through the evening. Marissa calls me up and tells me that they are staying and just figuring out what to do later. So we decide that hanging out in Dewey for another night was crucial. I get out of work a little early, hit up the gas station, and head back down to the beach. Insane. :-)
So I give Marissa a call when I get down there and meet the girls and the FAH guys ... somewhere, no idea where. We end up at their room at some hotel. Again, I can't remember. I call Steve and let him know what we're up to, then its card game time. We watched the suckiest SNL ever and played games. Good times. Then it was time to brave the rain and head over to the Sea Esta where the James Harvey Band and Green To Think rooms were. Odd ly enough, both bands were neighbors and conveniently met in our room the night before. One of the greatest things about Dewey is that you walk outside and the music from the clubs infilterates the streets. At the GTT room we drink and take scandelous pictures and stay there since the police are right outside the door. Why why why do they like to follow us?!?!?!? We left around 4ish or so to go back to the FAH room to get our stuff, we had no idea where we were going to stay, but we knew they had to get up early, so we wanted to get our things out of there. Tim was already up, talking to the guard, and let us in the room where we meetup with the other three horses who INSISTED on leaving for Baltimore early and having us stay in their rooms. We couldn't let them do that, but they made us. We couldn't beleive that they checked out of their room early just so we had a place to stay. They wouldn't even let us carry their equipment down.
So again, went to bed at 5 am, wke up at 9, worked the record store from 11-6.
But it was all so very very worth it :-)